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A great day in the history of Optimum Online! AT&T is now available. For all you out there that have been resisting the switch, I'm getting significantly more for significantly less.

To all you prisoners....hold strong....keep the la resistance!!!!!!!

The last and final straw went as follows:

My roommate is leaving and my Triple Play discount is over. When I called to change myself as a "new" account I was stupidly expecting they could change the name and prevent the charge increases and leave me at the triple play for another year...

I also fought like hell to keep the old DVR because, well, you all know about joys of the "DVR Plus"....HAHAHAHAH

The guy on the phone told me that they would need to schedule to have a technician come out, but leave all of the equipment as is.....explain that to me?!?

So when I calmly informed the man that rather than pay a technician to come out and keep everything the EXACT same, why don't they just change the name and keep the Triple Play?

Optimum didn't budge.

So, I cancelled.

For 2 seconds of effort they could have kept another customer.


Good Luck All

A relieved, wealthy, stress free and new AT&T customer!!!!!!!

Donald B (1/7/13)

What's your story?

Hi -

My story is that Cablevision will add various charges to your account without informing you and overbill you, its important to see them very carefully...they will rip you off and they just keep taking channels off the air and the service sucks.

xmljar (1/6/13)

What's your story?

I (bleep) hate Optimum right now. I used to have Verizon and it was AMAZING. The wifi was fast and everything was great. My parents decide to switch to OPTIMUM to save money. "Optimum is ranked #1 in …" Go (bleep) yourself Optimum. Your ranked #1 in (bleep).

I have had a macbook for 2 years now and an iPhone. Every time I try to use FaceTime, or iChat for some reason it connects to the call and then my internet disconnects and connects again in 10 seconds. This has been happening ever since Optimum.

My sister has had an iPhone 4 and she keeps face timing her friends and I keep telling her to stop because the internet shuts off and she doesn't believe me. So guess what happens to my (bleeping) internet? …. Yeah.. (Bleep) you again Optimum. She recently got the macbook air and now the problem is 2x worse… My internet has went off 5 (bleeping) times while I was writing this.

My xbox and ps3 can't even go online for 8 straight minutes without being kicked from live/psn. I pay this much for (bleepy) Internet, Cable, and Phone? My parents see it ,too. I am trying to convince them to switch.

Personally, and I think many others agree, Optimum should be shutdown, DDoS'd, Hacked. I hate it. I can't even bare it anymore. I hope Optimum sees this message. Happy new year and a BIG GIANT (BLEEP) YOU OPTIMUM.. I HATE YOUR GUTS.

Adrian N (1/1/13)

What's your story?

Reading the tales of woe makes me aware that I am not alone in having problems with Optimum.

I switched from Direct TV after 6 trouble-free years to get better internet service in a package deal.

I didn't realize that I was an unwilling beta tester for Optimum while they try to figure out how to make their system work.

I'm on my third HD receiver in the first 10 days of service, and the delay in response to the remote is frustrating beyond belief.

It takes 5 separate commands to delete a recorded movie when it finishes, and it almost impossible to fast forward through a commercial because of the delays with the remote.

The only good feature with Optimum is the fact that you don't have to sign a 2 year agreement like with Direct TV. I'm going back to Direct TV next week and I'll keep the internet service even if it costs me a few dollars more. I can find enough aggravation every day without paying Optimum TV for the privilege.

The new DVR menu is horrific. You can’t simply record first run of a series. You have to go back into another menu, find when the show will be recorded again and then reset it to first run on this channel. The first time I pressed “record series” it recorded every episode ever aired and used all my DVR space. Half the time the shows I have scheduled to be recorded are not recorded. Most of the time if you want to search for something the screen will say “not available”. They just can’t get it right. If I only paid for what I used of this service it would be a tenth of the price I am now paying.

Brian O' (12/22/12)

What's your story?

I have had cablevision in my house for about 15 years now, and I have to say I have had no problems whatsoever with the service. I have never had a reason to call beside the one time the cable line outside was hanging low. For all of you that hate cablevision so much why don't switch to dish or fios? Your problem will be solved. Cablevision does not suck an yless then any other company that provides that same services.

Joseph S (12/11/12)

What's your story?

Where do I even begin? When I moved back to NJ in July of 2011, I went with DirectTV for cable and optimum online (which I have no issue with) for internet. But DirectTV’s rate was going up after my one-year introductory price, as was Optimum’s, so my only cost-effective move was to switch to Cablevision’s triple-play option. And my life has never been the same!

For 2 months, I had Cablevision at my house at no less than 7 times. Which meant replacing 7 different defective boxes, each one worse than the other! This is not to say the 8th box I finally settled into is a prize. It’s a piece of crap too! The picture starts jumping out of nowhere (a click onto the ‘dvr’ button somehow fixes this). There’s a white dot in the middle of the picture. The box freezes many times, causing constant reboots. I receive error upon error selecting on demand shows “ie. cannot be displayed at this time.” But the box is at least ‘functional,’ which is the best anyone can ever expect with Cablevision’s standards. Any attempt at a less buggy box will most likely set me back.

The menu’s are awful, especially the updated ones! When we select a show, there’s now a SECOND pop-up menu that forces us to choose the option ‘watch.’ WTF??? So now we all have click TWICE to select a channel?? And while DirectTV has amazingly descriptive movie summaries, complete with full cast lists which even includes actor’s birthdates… Cablevision gives us (maybe) the top 2 leads, along with such ‘descriptions’ as ‘true love conquers all.’ I’m not joking, that was an ACTUAL movie description.

The DVRS are HORRENDOUS. Series recordings mysteriously disappear on a regular basis. Specials airing in timeslots of pre-empted shows record. There is no longer an option to easily record specific episodes from the menu, or to cancel specific episodes: it’s either ‘record series’ or ‘cancel series.’ Anything else has to be manually changed among ‘preferences.’ Try recording a cable show like ‘Boardwalk Empire’ that airs several times within a week! Finally, I lose the last 30 seconds of EVERY recording. There’s no functionality for added a minute the endtimes on an ongoing basis. My only option is to edit the recording for EVERY episode of EVERY show EVERY damn week!

Finally, GSN, a basic cable channel which used to be offered for free, was somehow moved to the premium sports packages! And this says more about Cablevision, and what they stand for, than anything else. I suppose it’s possible to give a company the benefit of the doubt. I suppose it’s possible for a corporation to actually have good intentions, but be just merely incompetent, unable to produce quality equipment and user-friendly functionality. But this GSN thing is just pure greed, and speaks VOLUMES. There is no ‘supposing’ when it comes to Cablevision.

Robert G (12/10/12)

What's your story?

Unfortunately, I live in Parlin (Sayreville), NJ and Fios is not offered here. So Cablevision (Optimium) has a virtual monopoly on our area. Let me start off by saying their service is absolutely TERRIBLE!!! Every time I want to watch channels 2, 4, or 5 the screen pixellates to the point where its unwatchable or the screen goes black. In addition, the internet constantly goes down and I have to unplug my modem and plug it back in. If this doesnt happen every night, it happens at least 4 days a week.

Not to mention these criminals are forcing me to pay for their service, costing me nearly double what I would be paying for the Fios Triple Play.

Cablevision must have greased the pockets of the Mayor of Sayreville, because I cannot understand why they have a stranglehold on this area.

B. Andrew (11/25/12)

What's your story?

Similar to Greg M. below. I understand that Optimum had a lot of issues with the storm and I can honestly respect that. I called/chatted regularly (every 2 days) with Optimum service reps to get a status. After 2 weeks, I was told that all service was restored. This is when (and continues today) my ordeal started. Optimum customer service is by far the worst I’ve ever experienced when it comes to communication, organization, and information. Their ‘Level 2 & Team Lead’ reps are capable of 3 things – can you restart the modem and/or router, need to schedule a contractor rep, and ‘my board doesn’t show an outage’ (when there actually is one).

Let me setup the story with, I’m a work from home employee and I need internet. I can commute into work, but there is a cost associated with that which is why I work from home.

First & 2nd tech (contractor) simply came to my house, checked my modem (physically) and my splitters. Said everything was ok and that this appears to be an issue outside. “I’ll put this in as an escalation to have the nodes reviewed.” 2 days go by without an update and I call the Optimum team back. To my amazement, they say they canceled the escalation because there was a reported outage in the area that was fixed. Did they bother to call me back and confirm if my service was restored? Nope, but there were able to say – “This appears to be an issue with your house. We don’t see an outage on the board. We need to schedule another tech to come to your residence.”

I was extremely upset at this point (read: pissed), but I tolerated further incompetence. The 3rd tech (Optimum employee) came with a diagnostic box. He replaced my modem, splitters, connectors, and confirmed with this tool that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my house. There is a drop is the Upstream and it has to be coming from the main line in the area. I appreciated the tech’s understanding and was happy I finally got someone who was competent. Unfortunately, that was short lived. He told me that he would immediately escalate to his Supervisor who will be able to look at the nodes individually and get Field Operations to check the line if necessary. I would receive a call back by EOB next day or Sunday morning. Waited…..Waited….Sunday morning comes and goes. And I call back…

Already upset, I speak with rep. This guy came to my house and told me the following. He said that this is not an issue with my house. This is a line issue. Can you tell me why when I was told I would get a call back (again) I didn’t hear back yet. The rep says there is nothing in the system with this information and we need to schedule another tech to come out. At this moment, everything went black. All I remember was me flipping out and somehow managing to get a number of an escalation point of contact and demanding a call back regularly on the status.

For two weeks, I had 3 ‘techs’ come to my house, talked to a dozen Optimum employees, and was able to get a number for their ‘Team lead voicemail’. To my surprise, I did receive a call back from the CS team lead. He told me he confirmed that the was an issue and that there is line work being done that day. I’ll give you a call back when they are done to confirm if you are up. 2 hours later, I get a call back and am told, “the lines have been repaired and I can confirm your modem is still not working. We need to schedule another tech to come out….” I honestly asked him if he was punking me. At this point, what else can I say? They scheduled another person to come out Tuesday.

Here’s where I had a brief moment of happiness. Monday morning I get a call from a Field Operations Manager. He confirmed that there was an issue with the lines in the area (read: 2 streets) that were affected. They have lines techs looking into this and will give me a call back the next day with status. I asked him about the tech coming to my house and he had no idea why they would schedule another rep. Each Optimum CS call resulted in, we need to send a tech out. There is nothing wrong. Each call to the Field Service Rep was, I don’t know what our CS is doing. We know it’s an issue outside your house. Ignore the CS rep and scheduled tech. Frankly, are you freaking kidding me?!?!?! How can 2 teams who have the same information about each one of my tickets (about 30 in total) not be on the same page.

I received a call back Tuesday afternoon confirming that found the issue and that my service would be restored by Tuesday evening. When I returned home from work, service was restored. Unfortunately that’s not where this story ends. Thanksgiving morning (Thursday and less than 36 hours later), internet service is completely out. I was able to get phone calls before. Now nothing.

I call the CS number again and …. “This appears to be an issue with your house. We don’t see an outage on the board. We need to schedule a tech to come to your residence.”

P.S. Optimum CS (if you read this)…please be aware that you are sorely mistaken if you expect me to pay my bill for your ‘service’ until I get 100% resolution.

Amit P (11/23/12)

What's your story?

The new "INFO" screen is poorly designed with less movie information than the previous version. Also when you get stuck on an "On Demand" channel you may as well take a bathroom brake or get a cup of coffee while getting to another channel. Brookhaven politicians better fight to get FIOS as an alternative. Does anyone have an opinion of Direct TV as an alternative?

Dale D (11/19/12)

What's your story?

I had an appointment to have my cable installed in my new apartment on November 2nd. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy hit a few days before. Understandably, my appointment was moved to the 14th.

The day before my new appointment, I receive an automated message saying my appointment has been postponed. It didn't tell me when it was postponed until or give me a new date. After a few calls and holding for a minimum of 20 minutes on each call, I was told it would be for the 17th, but no time was known. After calling the day before to get a time,Ii was informed that the 17th appointment was never scheduled and my next appointment would be the 27th!! The 27th!?! That's a MONTH from my original appointment! AND the apartment is already wired for cable!

If I could use a different provider, I would. But Cablevision makes sure that can't happen. Cablevision is a bunch of incompetent, uncaring, monopolizing a**holes!

Scott S (11/16/12)

What's your story?

First of all, before I rant about my Optimum online/cablevision service in NJ, I'd like to express my deepest heartfelt sympathy for the recent victims of Hurricane Sandy all up and down our beloved East Coast.

Here's my rant: Sunday night night before the storm our service went out, ok no biggie it's a hurricane. No cable tv, internet or phone, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday Tuesday, now with the Nor Easter fast approaching and after over 6inches later, the first cable truck appears after a neighbor's relentless pleas for a working phone, nothing else.

So Wednesday night during the storm, we get an hour of service back, maybe. Ok another major weather event comes and goes, another neighbor calls for service, so I email cable to let them know. Then on Friday I get a call saying that its back on. But when we get home, nothing. Saturday finally 12 days later I call to see what's going on, they send me a truck Sunday morning, great guy also affected by the storm, he spends 45 minutes then goes outside and says it's an outside issue. He radios in a call and we should have a truck in 24 hours to repair.

Two more neighbors call cable and after 30 minutes on hold as well are told, no record of any service outages in the area and get sent cable home repair trucks. Now, folks, that's 5 trucks on the same block, and all are told we need outside service repair. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon walla cables back, no phone calls saying it was back yet. I called and spoke to 4 people, and my other 4 neighbors called and spoke to people as well and yet it took 16 days to get it fixed. And the next street over had their service all along, but what bugs me the most are the idiots that work there, and how difficult it is to report an outage. Now after hearing how to pay a bill, and do all kinds of other things, they don't have an easy way to report an outage. SO, OPTIMUM/CABLEVISION... YOU STILL DO SUCK.

Greg M (11/13/12)

What's your story?

Sandy hit. I was patient. Email communication was sincere. They knew my area had issues. 11 days later. 3 days after power was back they stoped responding. Call was impossibe. Now they say it is only my house. The area is back up. Bottom line, not the first time or second. They suck. With a capital K!!!

Jim V (11/11/12)

What's your story?

13 days no apologies, no trucks....called, the service person told me to unplug the box and let it reboot...didn't work so I asked what else could I do? His answer: call back every few hours and we will walk you through this process

Spent 45 minutes on phone, hold, automated crap??? Just to be "guided" through the process of unplugging the box to reboot it. Hate effen cable, want FIOS.

Debi (11/10/12)

What's your story?

We switched service from Fios to Cablevision, huge mistake. Cablevision is horrible. Our internet and cable go out all time time for no reason. It will go out for days and Cablevision can't be bothered. In the past two months it has been out for about 15 days. Granted, we just got hit with two storms, but my neighbors with fios never lost service. Ours literally goes out when the wind blows, it is amazing. On average our service will go out at least once a month for 2 days or more, we should only be paying for half the bill. And the rare time we do have service the sound goes in and out, the picture freezes and gets blurry and the guide and changing channels is delayed.

Really hate Cablevision and will be getting fios back soon.

Mary K (11/8/12)

What's your story?

As soon as we recover from Sandy I am switching to Fios

Harry S (11/4/12)

What's your story?

The worst internet in Hoboken....connection sucks! Slow Slow Slow

Nikki L (10/10/12)

What's your story?

Cablevision sucks sh*t. I hate it so much, they barely offer any channels and don't even cater to their customers. They don't care what channels they provide us because they are still making money anyways! It turns out they cancelled a certain part of channel 11 so now I can't watch Gossip Girl or any of the shows I want!!!!! I hate it so much if I had a choice I most definitely would not have cable right now...

Sabrina M (10/8/12)

What's your story?

Stoked to watch Season 8 Supernatural, but Cablevision New York dropped CW!!! You are useless Cablevision!

C Benjamin T (10/3/12)

What's your story?

So first of all cablevision is the worst cable provider I ever had. I order a movie doesn't work the first time or sec maybe a hour later it will play. My boxes are always freezing or rebooting! Now to top it off no fox thats great for football fans we got to watch one game at one and no 4 o'clock games! Call and ask what they could do nothing have a nice day and pay your full bill thanks. Worst company ever!!!!!

Mark M (9/9/12)

What's your story?

My heart was warmed today by receiving my $2.00 credit for various service outages last month. I'm speaking of those actually recognized by the company, not the frequent internet or DVR outages with no explanation.

And, have you seen the ads for the new logo??!! "We only care about being the best cable, phone and Internet company, not about our logo". I actually wished for an outage at that moment.

Richard G (9/8/12)

What's your story?

This company just loves to stick it to their customers. I cannot think of an organization that respect less than these folks. What a mess they are.

Jerry H (9/8/12)

What's your story?

I went to the Cablevision service center to trade in my malfunctioning dvr box. I was told that there was a new service called DVR Plus. It sounded great. Best of all was it was FREE! I asked 3 times if it was in fact free. I was assured that it was. Today I got my bill and saw a $10.95 charge for DVR Plus. After getting hung up on, I spoke to "Diane" who had no idea why I was told it was free. I finally got the service free for 12 months. Cablevision is a crooked company. Stay away!

Matthew (8/31/12)

What's your story?

I agree, shut down the boxes. Get rid of optimum and all the bills.

Feed Your Head (8/30/12)

What's your story?

Recently moved to CT from RI, I had Verizon FiOS in RI, so when I moved I had high expectations for service, and here is my story. I called 30 days before I moved and scheduled thee service, I stated I had a TiVo dvr, and wanted a hdmi hd cable box as well as multistream cable card for my TiVo unit.

Installation day finally comes, technician shows up at wrong address and calls my cell phone, 10 minutes later he shows up at the correct address. At this point I know the next 2 days won't go smooth, he comes up with a cable box and modem, and then tells me I need a desktop to setup the modem, hey I just moved everything is in boxes(Verizon was able to activate wifi with my iPad) it seems cablevision can't. Luckily I had my work laptop.

After 45 minutes and an HD box (not hdmi) he just leaves, he never told me what channels I had, how to use the remote control, or even that I had voice in my plan, he didnt show me the iPad app or set up my Optimum account. He also didn't know he had to bring the TiVo card, even though it was on his work order.

Next day another tech comes over, brings a TiVo card and tells me to wait 2 hours then call Optimum again, he gave them the wrong id from the card it seems, and I had to restart that process again.

Today, and 2 months later, my cable vision box freezes half the time I hit the guide menu, it's slow, and it makes me so mad that I barely use it. Its amazing how cable monopoly drives service s to such a low standard, and prices so high.

Andre F (8/26/12)

What's your story?

I can’t believe that Cablevison took off every Tribune stations, (Pix11, Antenna TV, etc.), just because of money. How am I supposed to watch the Mets, Family Guy, Jerry Springer, old classic 90’s Sony Pictures series, and the CW network?!!

Shaunde P (8/24/12)

What's your story?

I’m ready to throw my relationship with their company under the bus. Yes I am an IT technician who freelances out to a large number of small businesses who have no budget for a full time IT.

  1. When I first signed up with them their predecessor Bresnan their service worked great, for one day. Then they “moved into a different building” and their service was down for five days.

  2. When Optimum bought out Bresnan the service went downhill fast. Some of my customers started complaining immediately about the drop in internet speed.

  3. I had to teach the Optimum field techs the basics of IP, Routing, and DNS on the job when they started installing VOIP telephones as part of their business package.

  4. Since Optimum bought Bresnan I have been getting consistent annoying phone calls to switch to Optimum service.

  5. The day before yesterday I finally made the switch. My service has been down since and tech support isn’t giving me even the courtesy of a call back.

    Fortunately Optimum is not the only game in town, I’ll likely be a former customer by the end of the day.

Russ S (8/22/12)

What's your story?

Been with this sh*tty company 2 years. All three of the bundle go out a minimum of once a day. Of course, when I call, they report no outages in my area. To all on this don't just bitch about it, cancel these c***suckers, that's the only way they learn. After a certain period of time the money they make is alllll profit from you. Try the new online service and f**k these companies. They suck, they don't care and it's a scam. Switching Friday. Hey Cablevision - F YOU

Ed B (8/18/12)

What's your story?

Where should I start. I really don't have time nor do I really feel like complaining, but this company is sort of like a "scam." Every single month my bill changes for some reason, every day they call me to make upgrades, and everyday there is some sort of problem with the speed of the new Samsung boxes. I am more upset that customer service tells me they are going to give me a better rate and when I get my bill that same month the premium is $70 more !!!!!!!!!!!! ARE THEY CRAZZZY?

They had me switch over to a new promotion because my promotion was ending and they charged me for doing so. This company sucks, howeve, I am forced to use them in my area.

Philip G (8/7/12)

What's your story?

I loved your article and I could not agree with you more. I was thinking of creating a website and starting a petition against a cable box for every TV. Maybe a national turn your cable box in day!

Sandra G (7/30/12)

What's your story?

I hate the new garbage DVR. Today I've had the wonderful experience of watching the British Open and the service espically failing. I can't fast forward because it tells me the recording is unavailable. I then have to reboot and fast forward back to my original spot.

This freezes, it has a 15 second delay when ff, rewind, play and pause.

I can't believe they charge you for a service available in the late 90's.

It's a monopoly because I really have no other options.

In the great words from Tommy Boy, "If you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will."

Recently when my phone, internet and phone went down I was first told to return the box. My next call they were sending someone out in 5 days. In that same call I was transferred and they made an appointment for the next day!

Just keep calling because every person gives you a different answer. Shocking.

I'm at the point where I want people to join forces and cancel their service. Then order it again. Then cancel. Then order it again. I figure they should feel our frustration.

A total joke. There are 100 bugs that seem like basic programming.


The old DVR works great. It wasn't until I tried to cancel my account unless I got the old model back that I've been satisfied with their service.

Buyer beware. We were also charged for On Demand without our permission. It was partially credited back. It's truly remarkable how my bill is different every month!

Don't let the 3 services for 99 bucks fool you. I pay around 180 a month.

If you like to be taken advantage of, use optimum.


The guy holding his ankles. Walking funny. With no end in sight.

Don B (7/22/12)

Follow-up (7/27):

You know it just never ends.

We got 10+ calls a day because they recirculated a telephone number.

Called to get it changed. Our line was dead for 2 months. Only partial credit.

They finally get it setup and sure enough, we start getting calls for a random person. The BEST part is that we've been getting daily calls FROM CABLEVISION FOR THE WRONG PERSON!!!!!!

You'd think these idiots would make the proper changes.

Call to remove the old party from being linked to the account. "done"

Next day, 2 calls from CABLEVISION again requesting the same old party that was removed....amazing.

I'm now onto my third phone number. If this happens again I'm going to call CABLEVISION every single day, multiple times and ask for Verizon.

Let's see if they finally can get this very basic setup done right.

It's disgusting.

It's revolting.

It's a real life theft and abuse.

What's your story?

I’ve had optimum io triple play for about 2 years now, and not one day has gone by where the sound has totally went. ESPN freezes. My optimum online modem goes out from time to time. I’m trying to download something from a web site, and the damn modem goes out, and reboots.

I can’t record with the dvr, for fear that the picture will freeze or the sound will go out. I recorded a program about 2 weeks ago, and I set it to save until I erase it. I had enough space to keep it, I go to watch it, and it’s gone.

Customer service is a joke. I threaten to cancel them and they gave me a free month, but still problems exist. I once called for service, and the guy came out, and just like fate would have it, it kept the sound and picture until he left. I’m switching to Verizon FIOS. I know the phone service works cause they call me to remind me that my bill is due NEXT WEEK.

I’m through.

Keith B (7/17/12)

What's your story?

Moved out of my parents home (we made the switch about 1.5 years ago) only to find out Fios was not available in the area of my new apartment. So I regrettably was forced into Cablevision's crap service. I hate Cablevision regardless of their crap service (disgusting management of local sports teams mainly and I did not want to give them any more of my money).

Firstly, tech comes for initial install, installs old defective dvr box with more scuffs on it then I could count. About 3 weeks later, box starts turning off and rebooting every hour and decides it doesn't want to allow me to access the dvr menus. So I call and they want to send a tech out, but the only date they give me is 4 days away. Though I would have accepted that, I decide to just bring it to the store instead since I'm only 5 min away.

Second problem. I'm paying extra for sports package, only for the NHL Network channel. Yet for some damn reason every time I switch to NHL channel it says, "Channel Not Available, Please try again later." Why in the world am I paying extra for this channel and it's not even coming in. Call up customer service, they say there's nothing they can do besides credit my next bill.

Internet would drop out at least 5 times a day. Call up service and they're telling me it's my BRAND SPANKING NEW $100 NETGEAR Router. If tha'ts the case then how come when my internet drops out, my phone line also goes dead.

Thankfully, I got the best email yesterday stating that FiOS is now available at my address and my order is already placed and install is coming in 3 days. Cable can screw themselves until next time.

Steven S (7/1/12)

What's your story?

Cablevision/Optimum is the most unprofessional company around. I urge you to stay away if you don't have them and to leave if you do. I recently added 2 more cable boxes to my setup. Unfortunately, they gave me 2 Samsung boxes which have been the bane of my existence. Constantly freezing & needing to be rebooted. I have there techs come out to fix them on more than one occasion which is a waste of a day, and the new DVR plus system is crap. Very slow to respond to controls, FF, REW, Stop, and playback can take up to 10 mins to start after you pick a show from your list. Every month I have to call for a credit which I have to argue for. With the amount I pay the damn system should be up to par w others, it's not. It's super slow. Cablevision is a money grubbing company who has no concern for their customers. PS: the theater chain they own is crap, too.

Steven F (6/28/12)

What's your story?

I have an Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE and I can't even go online for 5 minutes without Cablevision glitching out and kicking me out of Xbox LIVE.

Eric W (6/19/12)

What's your story?

We have the Optimum package.  We had it when it was Bresnan.  We had some problems with our TV tiling, snowy reception, among other things.  It has even gotten worse since Optimum took over.  We like our phone and internet service very well.  They need to pick up the quality of TV or they will begin losing lots of business!  I think everyone should raise heck with them like the young lady did when Verizon wanted to charge a $2.00 fee and Verizon backed down.  


What's your story?

We are moving on in about 45 days.  Apparently, the future buyers of our house called Cablevision and told them they would be taking over service to our address.  Let me stress that at no time did we, the actual CUSTOMER, inform Cablevision of our intent.  But they took the word of this 3rd party and started dropping all our ancillary services. 

We noticed this when the iPAD app failed to work and informed us there was a “problem” with OUR account.  The rep told us they would conduct various reboots and we should be up in 20 minutes.  Later that evening, when getting the kids in front of the DVR to watch their programs the DVR flashed up saying we needed to call to “set up” service.  It seems that when they deleted services from our “bad” account (their words) and transferred them to our new account they assumed we had only the basics.  After 1 hour and 53 minutes on the phone, we finally devised several workarounds to get us back to our standard service options.

What infuriates me the most is that they initiated this problem at the behest of some caller – not their current customer.  Now I have a great idea for a way to irritate anyone who has done me wrong: call Cablevision and tell them that party is moving.

So glad to be moving to FIOS country.

Joe K (6/3/12)

What's your story?

I just switched over from Verizon. Big mistake.

I did it for the iPhone iPad service. I like to watch tv on the elliptical and this service is great. Problem is the cable box in all rooms always freezes, when I see that io logo on my tv for more than 5 seconds I go crazy. All I want to do is use the channel guide!!!

The DVR is horrible. Shows don't record, to actually play them back (when they record) I get a blank screen for what feels like hours!! I have never rebooted so much in my life!! I must have rebooted once with verizon in 4 years.

I'm going back to fios!!!!

Baldo L (5/30/12)

What's your story?

Cablevision has had a low hanging wire across my property for years, buy because I like my neighbor, I won't cut it. I have complaints about this "aerial Trespass" situation about every two months. Usually they tell me that if I want to remedy this situation, I need to bury my neighbors line under the ground, and the road?

When they do send someone, he's right out of McDonalds and has no clue what to do.

I get internet and basic cable with HBO, and it's $130.00 a month, more than my grocery bill. I have spoken to people in other parts of the country and we are getting royally ripped off.

In other places you can a la carte your channels and when you are done its $50.00 a month.

They Suck,
I have no choices here

Neil S (5/28/12)

What's your story?

In a year and a half I don't think there has been one week that I haven't been on the phone with these morons. We have had issues with our On Demand the entire time we have lived in this house. It says it is loading the movie or program and then it doesn't. I pay for on demand that I never get to see. They have sent a half a dozen techs out to the house and no one can figure out why. They have replaced the line to our house, replaced every box we have, told me that it is was because of traffic on the system that the on demand wasn't working. They have done system updates that were supposed to fix the issues, they haven't. I have called and had on demand given to me for free, then called to make sure I wasn't being charged for it, but I was. I have spoken to more of their reps and supervisors than I can even count.

Since their system-wide updates we have had spotty internet and tv that goes blurry or freezes often. I can't get Fios where I am or I would have ditched Cablevision over a year ago.

And every time I get a bill, it seems like it is more and more money for less and less service. God I hate them.

Kristina (5/8/12)

What's your story?

MLB package channels just say "initializing" even though I've been charged $179 for the service. I'm three customer service calls in for a total of about an hour and a half wasted already. The last "customer service rep" I spoke to said she was forwarding my issue to a special service group who would have it working within 24-48 hours. It's been 10 days. I knew she was just makin' that sh*t up to get me off the phone.


Brian M (4/24/12)

What's your story?

Something that says it all about Cablevision...

I had a problem with all the channels I pay for being gone one day after coming home from work, called cablevision, explained the problem, went through the usual “turn the box off then turn it on” then " I’ll reset your box” ... all of this did nothing.

So she tells me she’s going to send a tech out. Take the day off, guy comes out looks at the box, looks at the box outside where the cable comes into the appt building. He can’t figure it out. This goes on for 3 days. No one can figure out the problem!

Call Cablevision again and this is what the person on the other end of the phone says: “I’m sorry, I’m going to send one of our expert techs out.” What, shouldn’t all of their techs be experts?!!!

After the FOURTH tech comes, he fixes it in literally 2 minutes. The problem? A person in my building downgraded their service and a tech came out and put a basic filter on my line instead of the correct line. And this took 4 techs to look at before it got fixed!

Oh and one more thing. Cablevision blatantly lies about their fiber optic network. They bridge their fiber with coaxial cable everywhere! My aunt has Verizon fios and she has a fiber box in her garage and her picture on the TV is awesome. And my HD Cablevision picture is crap.

Jim, Coram (4/11/12)

What's your story?

no service.
Thanks I had enough.

BTW: dvr sucks as well.

pb (4/9/12)

What's your story?


Cablevision Complaint Story

Ever since I can remember, my family has always been a Cablevision subscriber. Back when the set top boxes had the dial-pads on the actual box, and the movie channels were in the single digits, problems that we have now didn't seem to exist.

For over 20 years, my father has held the gold package, which entitles viewers to select from various movie channels, usually premiering new releases and notable titles. I must admit, once the network switched to digital, the channels from 300 to 399 seemed to have an endless selection of movies to choose from. Some channels were designated to air the new releases, and others were genre specific, which was beneficial for just about everyone. As time passed, more channels in the 300s disappeared, and the selections became very limited. I found that HBO Espanol showed more popular/new titles than the regular HBO channel, which is unfair to our family since we do not speak fluent English. Overall, the selection of movies has decreased, as well as the number of movie channels that are now in the 300s. The amount of money spent a month, multiplied by the number of years of spending the extra money for these channels simply do not add up.

To make matters worse, once my father finally updated his television (as a Father's day present) to HD, he was told by a Cablevision rep at the store, that HD - DVR cable boxes with HDMI cables are no longer manufactured, and sent him home with an "HD" box, the wrong cables, and incompatible with his new tv. Not only is he a trooper for sticking with the DVR box that he has yet to learn how to use (and wasting an extra $10 a month on), apparently there is "nothing Cablevision can do for him."

Recently, Cablevision decided that viewers with outdated rabbit ears would be either forced to get the digital converter box, or be left without cable. This is unfair to those who are only interested in the basic channels, most often used to keep updated on the news. So, I'm guessing that since the average Joe can't afford the ridiculous high priced newspaper subscription, they also can no longer stay current with the world through basic tv without forfeiting their antennas and installing the box. My boyfriend's mother owns a beach house, which is occupied for only 4 to 5 months out of the year. To keep their basic channels, it was made clear that to do so would require the switch.

Another recent change that outraged many customers was their sudden demand to have a cable box connected to EACH tv. No longer can you plug the cable to your tv, which is quite impossible anyway if you own a newer, updated HD tv (it would be a waste of definition as well). On the other hand, I feel that adding a cable box to an old, almost archaic tv used ONLY for BASIC cable, is a complete waste of money, and even larger inconvenience. I felt the effects of this change while I was interning at a group home, where the residents pay a decent amount of their limited income on rent and groceries. The common area/living room has one large tv with a cable box, equipped for basic cable plus channels up to about 150. In their rooms, each client has a smaller tv for personal viewing, since most of the time watching the bigger tv results in a lack of agreement and arguments. Since the recent change, the clients can no longer watch their own tv because a box is needed, and the agency is having a difficult time arranging how to go about either raising rent that incorporates the new boxes (which the majority of clients cannot afford in the first place). Its not fair how a multi million dollar company, or even multi BILLION dollar company feels the need to quibble over an extra ten *#%$@&! dollars for the lower middle class citizen to watch the evening news.

I've been hearing a lot of hype recently about the speed of internet slowing down, and Cablevision seems to blame it on the increased number of users. I think this is a load of you know what. There is enough internet to go around for everyone, and by them purposely slowing down connection speeds, possible to cut down on costs somewhere along the line, is absurd. They are obviously making enough money off customers who were recently forced to add another box to their home.

Ever since our family switched to the triple play and added the phone line, it is impossible to make a phone call without hearing static. My parents have bought over 7 new phones to try and eliminate this problem, because Cablevision encouraged us that it was our phone. Another time, they told us it was to blame on the wind. For almost 2 weeks, our second line was broken, and no one could fix it, meanwhile we still had to pay the bill. And we can even hear other voices on our end of the receiver, able to find out what they are having for dinner, or what business deals were being arranged. Call me old fashion, but I do NOT want other neighbors listening in on our phone calls. Another "feature" that is faulty has to do with our caller ID. For a week straight, there was no information regarding who was calling, I'm guessing this is why they claim this feature is free (because it doesn't work!)

And the cherry on top: Being that I am in Grad school, and attend classes in the evenigs, I find that getting my assignments done while my parents are asleep is when I produce my best work (usually between 11:30pm to 4am). Also, from working in the service business for many years, I have adjusted to the nightowl schedule. As I was watching tv, taking a break from researching and homework, my tv shut off, as well as my internet, but my cable box was still on and showing the time, information, etc. I picked up my telephone and that was dead as well. I called Cablevision to suddenly learn of the maintenane being performed in my neighborhood, and I questioned why I had not receieved an email or phone call notifying of this disruptiuon of service. It was completely out of the blue, leaving us with no form of communication what so ever. I was informed that because of the population (being the night-owls) would be less inconvenienced, they felt it was best to maintenance the area at this time, and when I questioned the lack of notification, I was barked at, and told the impossibikity of notiying each and rvery customer of this situation. When I mentioned my friend in the next town over receiving an email to reset their modem, our conversation quickly ended, still cable and phone-less.

My question to Cablevision is when is this madness going to stop? You have so many loyal customers that you continue to screw over, and take away more features, while increasing the price. Our paychecks are not increasing to compensate for the outrageous cost to simply sit down in front of the tv and rest from our long day's work. Is it so impossible to allow us to watch the basic channels without a cable box? Is it too much to ask to keep our lines clear and private so that our neighbors cant eves-drop? And would it be too much to ask for updates and emails when the services that we pay hard earned money for are going to be down for a while, no matter WHAT time it is, and disregarding the people that ARE inconvenienced?

I conclude with this scenario: What would happen if an elderly couple who do not own cell phones experience an emergency in the middle of the night and NEED to call 9-11. They obviously do not have email if they don't have a cell phone, and it wouldn't matter because if their service was down they couldn't check anyway. And God forbid they die in their own home because they were unable to get the emergency care they needed, or flag down their neighbor at 3a.m. to help. What would you do now Cable-vision? Would it be possible to rethink sending a simple notification that the services we PAY for, meanwhile cannot use, will be inoperable during the wee hours of the night?? Would it really take such an event for you people to realize that just because we pay for these services because we have no other choice, that we too are humans, and deserve to be treated like them too?

Amber W. from East Patchogue. (3/14/12)
Customer (daughter of customer) 25 yrs (of my life) plus an additional 15+ yrs

What's your story?

I was paying $268 a month for 5 cable boxes, internet and one phone line. I went to cablevision and told then to turn it all off, here are your boxes back.

They changed my service to 4 new Samsung boxes, no phone (I use magicjack plus now), and internet. FOR $94.

The new boxes suck, they cannot pause, rewind, they freeze up. They even turn off all by themselves. Time to find a new cable company, or put a dish in my attic.

David S (3/12/12)

What's your story?

I've had Cablevision for years. They've never been perfect, but they've at least been serviceable. Until last week.

My internet and phone service has been screwed up for almost a week. When it started last Tuesday they told me it was because of the sunspots and solar flares and it would work itself out by the weekend. Well it didn't work itself out, I called back and this time they told me it was because they were doing "upgrades." What kind of upgrades are they doing that cause my phone and internet to only work for 10 minutes at a time? Best of all they didn't give me any kind of timetable for this to be fixed.

Frank B (3/11/12)

What's your story?

I cannot stand Cablevision. I have had cable pretty much my whole life and I have never had my cable freeze to reboot. This happens every two days or so and it takes a full five to ten minutes for the cable to come back on. I also do not understand why the On Demand selection is so thin. First of all, CBS shows are not an option. Then there is no free movies except for three to four offered by TCM. For the money, it is not worth it.

Mary (3/11/12)

What's your story?

You do know that you can have your box power on to any channel you like, just hit the settings button twice, scroll down to power on, choose the channel you want to view when you power up your box. So everytime you turn on your box it will be that channel.

Bronx C (3/9/12)

What's your story?

I’ve had 2 Sony DVRs with cable cards for years..worked fine until 2 years ago. Then the clock in the card wouldn’t sync with TV Guide’s so they haven’t worked correctly for 2 years. Well…3 weeks ago I thought they finally fixed the problem; they worked perfectly until this weekend… MAINTENANCE!!! they’re really screwed up.

Now, this stupid IO+... I record a local channel and what appears in playback? A channel from another service area…geezzz.

That problem is system-wide...they didn’t know about it until I showed them (of course they didn’t believe me) 5 months ago...still not fixed…IDIOTS!!!

Buck (3/4/12)

What's your story?

I have unfortunately been a cablevision customer for 3 years now. I have NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS.

I would love to switch to Verizon but unfortunately I live in Brookhaven and that's not a possibility. The Speed Channel, National Geographic Channel and a few others go in and out all the time. My internet hasn't worked for about a month or so either.

Last year a tech came to my house & told me we eventually would need the wire from the pole outside to the house changed. He temporarily fixed it but soon later we started having blackouts. I called in December to have a tech come out & well they NEVER SHOWED UP! I called after the holidays again and finally the guy came. He told us basically what we already knew......the wire from the pole would have to be changed & he would have to come back. He never showed.

We called now for a third time and got one of their infamous, "all day appointments" on a Sunday. We have NOTHING better to do but wait around for them. Knowing what the work entailed it would have made sense for them to come early and the day and with 2 men. It was nearing darkness and still no cable guy. Finally around 4:30 he showed up only to tell us what we already knew, that the wire from the pole had to be changed! He promised to come back in a few days with another tech to help but suprise suprise, they NEVER SHOWED. The only difference this time was that he left his supervisors number.

We called him about 10 or so times in the last few weeks and he never returned our calls.

Here we are now 3 months later and we still have the crappy old wire out there. My internet has completely stopped working, the channels are in and out and freeze up all day long. I pay $179 dollars a month for NOTHING! I the basic family package. I don't get any special channels. I called to complain about the lack of service and asked if my account could be credited and they refused. I would love more than anything to cancel my service but there aren't many options therefore allowing Cablevision to have us by the balls! There's nothing we can do!

On a side note my mom who lives in islip actually went through with cancelling her cablevision because of there ridiculously high prices and terrible customer service. Instead of helping her out and giving her a few dollars off her monthly bill they let her cancel just so they can pay a guy to continuously come to her house on Sunday mornings and beg for her to come back with a $79.99 triple play offer! I mean pay a guy in a suit a $50k salary to annoy your former customers or give $20 or so off the bill? What's more economical? Figures, Cablevision is bass akwards!

Leanna B (3/4/12)

What's your story?


If Cablevision didn't suck already, now, as of March 2, 2012, they removed the On Demand channels from my package. I'd probably be more pissed than I am, if they actually had some decent movies I'd watch. I long for the day when we as consumers unite by way of national boycotts against these greedy corporations with their seven-figure CEOs.

Andrew (3/2/12)

What's your story?

I don't have a problem with the internet, phone or cable quality, all that is excellent. The techs that come to our house are excellent only because it is the same techs that were with the previous cable company before Cablevision (Optimum) bought them out. The thing that pisses me off like no other is that we don't get On Demand here and only get 57 HD channels when they advertise over 100...I hate paying the same price for the premium with everything package like the other guy and getting just rubs me the wrong way.

Jason S. in Wyoming (3/1/12)

What's your story?

First of all, Roger C., Taurean, and Selfe T. all sound like they work for Cablevision.... and because of that I say to them go F**K yourselves. OK, now that I have that off my chest, I hate Cablevision and their internet service has been crap ever since I got my service turned back on a couple of weeks ago. The modem has been disconnecting and re-setting itself every time that I use apparently too much bandwidth. I never had this problem with the old modem I had from them before the service was shut off due to non-payment.

Not only am I having a problem with that, but with the new phone service we had installed with the other two services. We wanted to have the phone downstairs, but the contractor who came out to install the service was apparently in such hurry that the dumbass hooked it up in my room instead. So we had the tech come back out and hook it up correctly. Yes, it works perfectly, and did everything right after that, but he messed up the crimping job on the wire (Cat5e) that hooks into the modem. The wires were not untwisted properly, as well as cut too short, the string on the bottom of the inside wires was not cut correctly, and only two of the inside wires are connected to the pins inside the connector. Hell, I could have done a better job than this guy. Hopefully I get a working modem today as the tech is coming to replace it.... but listening to everyone's stories here on the site as well as dealing with personal experience, I'm not holding my breath. I wish we could get U-Verse instead. Too bad we still owe AT&T money. Sigh.

J. Macphisto (2/28/12)

What's your story?


so here's my interesting story.

in my apartment i had all three services from cablevision with the internet boost, family cable and basic phone service but then i cut the phone service because i never really used it and wanted to save money. so my mom moves in with me and she wants to help out so she said if we but the service in her name and get the $70 promo for all 3 services that she will pay for it so i'm like ok sure. i know that if we do a name change they wouldn't just give us the promo price so i got to thinking and came up with the idea for her to call them pretending to be shopping for service for her new place. now the interesting part happens.

she gets to talking and tells the rep. that she saw a flyer about a promo and was interested because she was moving to a new place he asked her where so she gave me address. he then tells her that they currently have a customer living there so she said that she will be moving into the place on feb 1 and he said ok let me see if i can call them and confirm that they are moving out so that we can have a tech go on feb 1 to setup service so he puts her on hold. i was ready for the call so that i can tell him yes i am moving. (i saw this as the fastest way to disconnect service without having them trying to talk me into keeping it and best way to get a cheaper monthly bill) so I'm waiting for the call and realized that the number i had on my account was and old number and i forgot to update it so i figured dam there goes my great idea he won't say yes. the rep then comes back on the line and says well i wasn't able to get in contact with them and says well what i can do is schedule their service to be disconnected on feb 1 and have to tech go and setup everything for you for the $70 dollar price!?!?

so i'm just here listening to this with amazement that without any confirmation he is going by this stranger's word and disconnecting the service just to the bonus of signing a new customer up. now if this was some random person doing a prank then cablevision didn't care and just wanted to make money.

Nelson A (2/23/12)

What's your story?

Cablevision or Optimum or News12... It's hard to really tell, but one, or all of them, left a voicemail on my home phone that effective tomorrow, 2/23/12, Cablevision's box will set to News12 as its turn-on channel.

I called 225-5555 and spoke with disconnect. I mentioned if my box changes I will remove Cablevision from my world. I have it set to 97 TCM so I can never be blasted with a commercial. I have no use for the mickey mouse News 12 crap.

I've unplugged the thing so nobody can mess with it. If I don't plug it back in on the weekend I'll just bring it back to them.

George R (2/22/12)

What's your story?

Verizon sucks! That's the long and short of it.

Darnise (2/21/12)

What's your story?


Who is going to be the first to sue them over the new box for every set rule??? My TV picture was fine. Just a grab for more revenue.

John B (2/20/12)

What's your story?

Cablevision is the worst company that I have ever dealt with and I am glad to say that it is almost over!

When I first moved into my apartment one year ago, I called to have Cablevision put my service in. Well, the woman told me about this great deal that I could get because I was switching from another provider. All I had to do was give the technician a copy of my bill and it would be taken care of.

They would not accept my bill after providing them with it 3 different times. I then received a bill over $200! I called and had all of the services taken off and they told me I was no longer eligible for the triple play! Well, now after paying $129.95 for the past year and numerous people from Cablevision telling me that I didn't have the Triple Play, I got a bill this month for $177. Needless to say I have called Verizon Fios and will be having the service put in 2 weeks from now. I didn't even go into how awful the actual service was. Spotty internet and crappy TV. Hopefully never again!

Kaleigh B (2/20/12)

What's your story?

First of all, I love this site. Cablevision really does suck. It's sad that the cable companies can monopolize certain markets of the country, leaving consumers with no choices. Why can't I get Comcast, FiOS, Time Warner, etc in my area when no matter where I live in the country I can get AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.? Such a bunch of crap.

Anyway, here's my rather disgusting story.

I moved into an apartment complex in Hoboken NJ that only supports Cablevision. Once a tech set us all up, things were mildly OK, despite the archaic set top box's user interface, the throttled internet speeds, and the general BS that comes with having this service. I am a media consumer, so I guess I have no choice.

So a few weeks later, my DVR stopped working. I went through all the steps (restarting, unplugging, et al) and finally had to bring the box to a local Optimum store to swap it out (bye-bye to my recorded programs). Then, once home, it was working but not even an hour later, the DVR stopped working again (strike two).

I called up Support and they said they needed to have someone come in to assess. Surprisingly they had a technician available to come the next morning at 8AM. Early yes, but definitely needed. Who doesn't love their DVR?

The next morning, a rather large, burly gentleman arrived at around 8:45 (under an hour late - - not too bad). Let's call him Bob. His demeanor was cold; when I greeted Bob, he scoffed and asked me to show him the problem. Nice and cranky he was. All business and a little scary, frankly.

My wife and I were entertaining our then 3 week old son, and I offered the Technician some coffee, juice, or whatever. Bob declined, but asked if he could use the restroom. "Not a problem," I said.

Bob finished up swapping in another DVR and it actually worked! He then asked me to point out the bathroom, which I did. And this is where it got interesting.

My son began crying and flailing in obvious need of a diaper change. I changed him, played with him, bounced him on my knee. I then went off to check a couple emails and left him with my wife. After my emails, I fixed myself a bowl of cereal, ate it, then made another cup of coffee. My wife went off to take out the trash, so there I was again playing with my son.

And then it dawned on me: "Wait, is Bob still here?"

Moments later, Bob emerges from the bathroom, grabs the old DVR and his bag, and leaves with barely a good-bye. My wife gets back in and sits next to me, all the while I'm piecing together the events that had just transpired.

And at that point I realized - - my bathroom door that Bob used was shut, but the light was peeking out from under the door and the ventilator was blasting away. That's when I prayed to god that I wasn't about to find what I was about to find.

I plopped my son down, walked to the bathroom door and opened it up. The fears were true. Like a punch in the face, I was hit with the FOULEST odor I've ever smelt. Pure, unadulterated, disgusting sh*t. Bob had taken his sweet time to unload his bowels at a customer's home. MY home.

I'm all for "go when you gotta go" but this was ridiculous. To drop a sh*t bomb so bad, be so cold to the customers, and not even spray aerosol (which was right next to the toilet) was just completely unacceptable. Fact is, it's the typical icing on the cake that Cablevision workers provide their customers.

Thanks, Bob for making me think Cablevision sucks even more than I already did.

Adam (2/17/12)

What's your story?

My phone and internet service blows, half the time I can't maintain enough bandwidth to stream Netflix and phone calls drop constantly. It's worse than trying to use a cell phone with a weak signal and this is through a hardwired network. And they have the nerve to raise rates 4-5% a year for sh*t service.

OF (2/17/12)

What's your story?

This is my second stint with Cablevision. Unf*ckingbelievable the sh*t I've gone thru during this previous week.

Just moved two weeks ago and arranged for services to be installed at my new location from the previous one. Well, had it all arranged for a tech to come and re-install my services on Sunday (SUPERBOWL SUNDAY THAT IS) from the hours of 2 pm to 4 pm and had my whole set-up ready in the living room area of my new place. I'd invited several friends and family members, some of which had driven up to 2 hours for the event at my place.

So here's where the f*cking fun starts, I get a call from the tech at about 2:30 informing me that he'd be at my place at about 4/ 4:30 pm because he's running late. I explained to him that I'd scheduled for him from the hours of 2 to 4 but that it was alright and for him to try his best to be at my place as soon as he can, but at the same time I said try before 4... 4:00/ 4:30/ 4:45/ 4:50/ 5:00/ 5:10 no tech, nor a f*cking phone call from the tech. At 5:15 I checked my cell and remembered that the tech had called from his cell, so I called back the # he called from, no response. At this point I'm f*cking livid. I call customer service and explain to them that they better call this tech and tell him that he better not show up, that I want him nowhere near my place. To no surprise I lose communication with this rep all of sudden. So I call back, now I want my services terminated immediately. The rep told me he'd locate the tech's dispatcher and they will call me within a half hour if I'd give them a second chance to correct the matter (it is now about 5:50 pm).

Obviously that did not happen.

At 7:51pm, I get a cal from a very rude prick, guess who?, it is the tech's dispatcher informing me that the tech is downstairs at the front door of my apt building. I told them both to f*ck off and terminate my services immediately once again. Well they f*cked off but never informed anyone to terminate the services. So that's done with.

The embarrassment I endured as a result with my friends and the cousins I had who drove hours to watch the Big Game is an experience that I'll never forget. But the story does not end there. I was so pissed, I emailed their customer relations on Tuesday 2/7/12 regarding the matter and how their services affected me, and to no surprise I get a call back the next day from a supervisor apologizing and offering credit and a "SPECIAL PROMOTION" as was stated to keep me as a customer. This supervisor informed me that she would have something ready and that either she or someone possibly from another dept would call back with the SPECIAL PROMOTION. It is now Saturday 2/11/12 and I have yet to receive any f*cking phone call, my kids are desperate questioning when will they be able to watch tv, and everytime I call and speak to a rep it's as though they don't wanna help or as if I'm the one at fault.

F*ck CABLEVISION and their f*cked up services. They don't deserve us.

Francis (2/11/12)

What's your story?

Saw your site, let me tell you my story.

I worked for Cablevision as a Field Service Technician and about 3 months into my employment, I told my HR manager that my wife is pregnant and would like to request a week or two off around her due date. The HR Manager said "I have to filter out all of the evil thoughts I have right now. Why didn't you tell me before?"

I responded respectfully, "Uhm, because you never asked and I didn't feel I was required to tell you my wife was pregnant, why is it a problem? I only need a week or two off to see my first baby." She responded, "According to state law, you can have upto 6 weeks off in New Jersey plus our company has a policy that we pay you for that time off." I said "Oh, well that is great news for me then right?" She said, "If you want to continue working here, you should rethink this request."

The next day, the safety manager said I was unsafe (which was absolute crap since I am the safest person on the job), and sent me to HR and the director of the facility, and they suspended me without pay, asked me for the phone and tools, and the next day I received a call saying I was fired. It wouldn't get through to a contingency lawyer because there was no way of proving "he said she said" to a jury, but I know during that suspension meeting they couldn't stop talking about me not telling them my wife was pregnant AND the HR manager even admitted this is the reason why they are firing me.

Cablevision claims they are a family oriented company, but instead they are all vultures and James Dolan is a tyrrant and playing the New York edition of Hasbro's Monopoly. Join me in boycotting Cablevision. Verizon FIOS, Dish, and DirectTV offer cheaper packages and better customer service.

Do you know that we are trained to threaten the customer to apply a fee to a service call if they are rude or if the job requires too much time? The trick too is that we can say "I am going to waive the fee for you because you are nice" to provide "better" customer service, but the fee exists the entire time. To hell with Cablevision, both from a customer and former employee point of view.

Jaret L (2/3/12)

What's your story?

Pretty much all the bases have been covered here so I'll just put one small gripe I have at this current moment.

Me and my GF were watching the new Alcatraz show on demand last night, it's after midnight and we're watching the 2 hour premiere. Well she dozes off about 20 minutes from the end, I go to refire the episode up today so she can see what she missed.... And you can't fast forward?! Really?! You want me to sit here for another 70 minutes just so she can see the section she missed? It's bullsh*t. It's mind boggling how something like that gets past the guys in the office deciding this sh*t. It's common f*cking sense!!

Aaron C (1/27/12)

What's your story?

I bought my girlfriend, who is technically challenged, a new 40 inch TV that I waited online for 8 hours this past christmas 2011.

When we bring it home to connect I see that her optimum cable box has no connection for it. I ask her how long have you had this box and she says 18 years which explained why her reception was so bad. I had her call and get a new box.

They sent her a new box and never told her that she had to return the bad old box which she has been paying rent for for the last 18 years and she could have bought it for less. So they send her a new box without any instructions of returning the old one or mention of what to do with the old one. She throws the old one out and now they are charging her for it as well as the new one simultaneously for the purchase of the old box and rent for the old box and rent for the new box.

We have called them numerous time to rectify this and each time the do nothing but now after the first charge of the 18 year old box which they told her would be $140 they have upped it to $208. They are ripping her off and there is no one who will listen. They should lose their license for this. I BET THEY HAVE BEEN DOING THIS TO OTHER CUSTOMERS.

jml (1/23/12)

What's your story?

I just wanted to know, has anyone else ever reported of Cablevision deliberately creating RF Signal interference (with their equipment) to block out or drown out Broadcast TV signals - so that a certain region or neighborhood has no other alternative but to purchase Cablevision to get TV programming? I know it's not easy to pick up those signals in the Bronx.

Rich (1/22/12)

What's your story?

About 5 years ago now in August, a rep from Verizon knocked on my door and told me that in November of that year I would have the option of getting Verizon FIOS. I signed up on the spot because of how horrible Cablevision was. Well November of 2006 came and went, and I still cannot get FIOS. I have come to find out that someone on Brookhaver town board is a VP at Cablevision and that he is directly responsible for raising the rate of running wires on the poles to Verizon (15 times higher than the telephone company or Cablevision). This is what I would consider a violation of the monopoly laws.

I have replaced my main Optimum IO box 5 times since then and I still have issues. The television is not even my primary concern. I work in the Information Systems department of a Long Island hospital and rely terribly on my internet connection to be able to provide 24/7 support in the event that I have an application failure. Cablevision refuses to notify us when they are having a planned system outage due to scheduled maintenance. They seem to have no problem emailing me my monthly bill, but email all of their customers that they are planning on taking down their network for 2 solid days is impossible.

Every two months, I call to complain about the speed of my internet. I have gotten educated as to exactly what to do to get to a supervisor that can actually turn off the throttle back that Cablevision keeps putting out to its customers.

In case none of you know: YOU ARE ENTITLED TO THE INTERNET SPEED AS ADVERTISED!!!! Cablevision’s own website has an internet speed clocking tester that is pretty well hidden (God help them if they ever put the link to it right on the home page).

So for those of you who would like to know exactly what your speed is here you go:

You will have to log in to run the test. On our normal Optonline contract we were at 5.76Mbps (during primetime) downstream when Cablevision was stating at least 15. We finally caved and bought the Boost package so I could actually connect to work and not have to go out for coffee before my VPN connected and now we can usually get 30Mbps downstream, but we pay for it.

Honestly, I would just like the opportunity to be able to choose between comparable services, not between Cablevision and a dish that every time snow falls nothing works.

Cathy P (1/20/12)

What's your story?

I have been a Cablevision customer since broadband reached our street many years ago. Frankly I have always hated the service but it wasn’t terrible when you had your DVR. A year and half ago I gave up and switched to AT&T. I know there are lots of war stories there but I will tell you the professionalism and quality of their hardware is lights years better than CV. I became totally spoiled even though there was a limit on how many shows could be watched at one time.

The problem was their promotion policy. Over time your rates will go up as much as 50% as promotions terminate. I finally gave up and limped back to CV and room-to-room DVR. I have hated every minute of it. The technology is buggy, the equipment old and the customer service just stupid. There is nothing I like about how their cloud DVR service works. The fact you can’t program it on the web is beyond stupid. CV is at about 1990 in technology and the gap just keeps widening. Dolans are milking it for all it worth and will sell one of these days.

If you can afford to not have CV, go for it. I know nothing is worse.

Peter VB (1/18/12)

What's your story?

From the lost archives:

There are so many valid points as to why Cablevision sucks and if you work there you could come up with twice as many, however reading some of these stories is very entertaining. Many people really have no clue what they are talking about.

I especially like the story where Cablevision sends electronic signals to destroy you computer equipment if you use too much bandwidth, and the writer even goes on to say his Cablevision employee friend told him this was true.

I could spend the whole evening picking apart may of these stories. What's funny is I could spend longer than that telling REAL stories proving how bad Cablevision really is.

The Cablevision Maniac

What's your story?

I have had Cablevision for two year plus. I only have one problem and that is price. Part of the problem is that the government made cable companies carry broadcast stations for free because the broadcast companies were worried they would lose audience if they were not on cable. So cable had to carry broadcast and the agreement was that cable carried broadcast free of charge. While broadcast makes the majority of their income from commercials combined broadcast and cable audience to set prices. But that was not good enough so in the 80's under Reagan they got the government to change the law making cable pay them for the honor of carrying broadcast. This caused a large increase in cable fees.

Having said that I live in Brooklyn and have had no problems with my Cablevision/optimum service. Once my remote broke and had a replacement in a week, no charge. I also did not or was not told about the DVR option when I signed up and when I found out about it two months later they sent a technician over with a new DVR box and waived the service call fee.

There is a problem with some of the techs who service the equipment they are badly trained and one leaned on my mac monitor which is both the monitor and cpu and I had to tell them not to lean on a 1200 dollar computer to try to find the net connection which he should know where it is if trained correctly. He could have just asked me to turn it around for him to get to it. Plus, the techs were rude except for one real optimum tech who was well trained. I needed tech three times set up, change to DVR and a DVR box that was not working and needed to be replaced.

So my only problem was with the techs and price, everything else was fine never had a problem and if I had a problem (rarely like after a power outage) the phone techs fixed it over the phone.

My cable box is a Scientific Atlanta.

So I think the service is fine except for the price. I am sorry for those of you who have these problems, but I never had any problem with internet access or recording and playing programs.

Good luck.

Robert B. (1/18/12)

What's your story?

Called these clowns 2 months ago because my internet speed has gone down the tubes since summer and it was always super fast. They had me go to and check the speed and the guy says "thats perfect, there's nothing wrong here' so I ran it several times more and it failed miserably.

They sent out a tech who replaced all the the splitters, cable and modem with no improvement seen. That was 2 months ago.

Last week we lose the internet and phone completely. I am an electrical engineer and decide to do some troubleshooting myself. I take the modem and hook it up outside bypassing any splitters and voila, I have a good connection. I call cable and they tell me to take out any splitters inthe house, there are at least 6. I say NO. The problem is in the cable coming from the street. he runs a test remotely and says NO, it looks fine from here. I say take a hike and get a tech out here to fix the incoming cable issue. He says ok.

They come out the next morning and knock on my door. I say there is nothing to look at here. Fix the damn cable dude! He says you're right. You are one of 10 people complaining about the same issue. He looks at my bypass outside and tells me that what I did is fine, but you can't have that setup without a ground and he grounds it for me. Guess I could have blown up the neighborhood without that ground.

Anyway, he says they are coming out to fix the street issue. He leaves and nothing has happened for 5 days and we have no TV hook-up. Just internet and phone. WTF.

Newish (1/17/12)

What's your story?

Upset by the outright abuse and strangle hold this company has on me, and the many thousands of people who will continue to be deprived of services they are paying for.

Here is my story - after leaving DIRECTV and Verizon DSL two years ago for no other reason other than to cut down on expenses… I opted for only an internet provider like the one advertised on TV, radio and mailings (My thoughts were like most people) for my media needs (Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc.) I would do it all of it online, because - really no one watches scheduled TV anymore… and a faster internet connection was the more modern way go…

From day one, the issues that I have experienced tested my patience with the company - first they had constantly called me about upgrading the package I had just ordered, so that their service technicians would not have to make a return trip in the event I wanted the triple play, or double play… (Their source of fuzzy math and taxes relies on them) I said no but thank you, and insisted on just the flat $29.95 internet service… Sooo, because I was locked in to that amount for at least a year… they decided to throttle my internet service, and then outright cap my internet use to a whopping 180Mbs before the modem needed to be reset ….

Now don't assume I downloaded torrents or mp3's or even added too many users on a wired/wireless router… it was mostly for evening surfing, Facebook updates and on weekends Xbox 360 live multiplayer gaming - all connected directly to the modem, unplugging a device each time… and for the most part whenever I wanted to use it the modem it seemed after 20/30 mins of use time the modem would freeze and needed to be reset.

Technician after technician arrived, only to test, and replace the modem, offer their help by crimping new ends to new (less than a year old) coax cables and later replace less than a year old cable their coworkers have installed on their previous ticket to show at least something was being done to resolve my problem, and all the while it was being discussed by the agent/dispatcher/admin on the other end of the phone… as I heard their bullshit, their admins, I watched/listened as they adjusted the QOS on my modem, before having me sign their work order form and walking away…

As you know the fault really does not lie with technicians, they are just pawns to this dirty little dance Cablevision does to all of us, Cablevision/Optimum Online either over-sold their nodes or is playing games of taking from Peter to give to Paul until someone gives up and (but continues to pay) avoids using the service … but after too many tries, too many last weekends and lost opportunities because of being deprived of the service I was paying for… my last-ditch effort after completing a year and an increase $50.00 a month was to request a supervisor to look in to what was wrong with internet connection and solve this problem once and for all.

Well, my coaxial cables feed was cut and removed.

Wow this changes everything, either the technicians hated me that much that they didn't want to explain to a supervisor why there was sooo many return visits to my home or it was just a coincidence the wire was yanked by a passing truck that should not have been driving on residential streets… either way, note - no one else's wiring was yanked, so I called and canceled my service… WTF, if they would have been truthful and reliable, I would have accepted a downgrade in service if it meant no bullshit, but as it stands now f*ck them… I hope they go out of business soon, hello Verizon FIOS.

L.O. (1/17/12)

What's your story?

I hate to be "that guy" who takes his time out to bash a company online but after calling Cablevision numerous times and they still weren't able to do JACK SH*T I decided to write this email…

So I got the "New and Improved" Samsung Cable box from Cablevision which is supposed to be the top of the line in DVRs... BULLSH*T it doesn't work for shit ALL my recorded shows go missing, and the ones that do record I can't rewind I can't fast forward NOTHING!

And this bullsh*t about only being able to pause for 15 minutes and then after you "pause" it goes back to live TV……? Every time I call they tell me to reset my DVR but why do I have to reset my cable box 10 times in two weeks? Does that make sense to anyone else? When I called to tell them about all these problems and HOPE it was something new…. NOPE! All these issues are known facts and have been known for the past few months yet they still install a f*cking faulty cable box…. COOL!

I hate you, Cablevision.

Bryan F. (1/16/12)

What's your story?

I rarely rant about something, but after having to talk to like half a dozen people from their worthless customer service department today I just had to. First off, I've had their Internet and TV service for over 2 years now, not by choice. There's no fios available in my Brooklyn area. During the entire time I've had their service internet has never worked at advertised speeds for a full day. Anytime from 1-2am and until early morning its fine and speeds are as advertised. All other hours including prime time and sometimes ENTIRE WEEKENDS I get the download speeds that are close to a DSL line. I've had techs out checking stuff and changing cables and feeding me all this technical crap to justify why they cant fix the problem. I think it came down to somewhere between bad house wiring and the stars not being aligned properly.

That was a year ago. I said screw it and gave up.

Now part 2. I have the SA 8300hd dvr box and the HDMI port on it is loose to the point where any minor movement makes it lose video, and I have to always have it at a certain angle to work. I called to ask to exchange it. I did their troubleshooting for them already explaining that I tried different cables and TVs etc just to make the process painless. NOPE.

First I was told that I can't have the same box mailed to me because "they no longer do that in my area?" I can't go to their store to swap it out either because they don't have them there. So I need a service call. Fine. I call back a week or so later after I finally have some time to set aside for the service call and now I'm told I can only swap it out for a samsung box because SA boxes are no longer available and whoever told me they were was wrong.

This happens with a few people and I eventually get to a supervisor who tells me all the previous people were wrong and kept repeating himself that the notes say this and that and the tech will troubleshoot the problem first. Then if needed he will get another box from the warehouse. WHAT IS THERE TO TROUBLESHOOT? It's a loose hdmi port. It shakes. It's not rocket science. Is he going to re-solder it right here? I am not really sure what the tech is going to be doing or bringing but if he brings me that piece of crap box that they stuck a samsung logo on to then he will be leaving with it.

Tolik F (1/13/12)

What's your story?

DNS ASSISTANCE~! Need I say more.

Walter P. (1/13/12)

What's your story?

My story is a simple one, moving out of my parents (who have FIOS) to an apartment that uses cablevision. Granted I have not used Cablevision in 5 years, well it STILL looks the same!!!! It looks ugly and outdated, where FIOS is constantly revamping their user interface and making it more presentable.

Brian C. (1/10/12)

What's your story?

Had only internet service with them for about a year, and almost every other week they kept calling and hounding me to get other services with triple play.

Every month, the price of the offer would go down, and two months ago they offered me the triple play for $66, $19.95 for each plus the box. I agreed and they came to install everything. I didn't need the phone service, but it was required to get the special pricing so I signed up for all three products.

The first two bills were as promised, but the last bill jumped from $70 something to just over $150. When I called them, they told me it was because I never activated the phone service. They just decided to screw me even when I was paying for a service I never bother using. They just removed the phone service, without telling me, and started charging me full price for the rest. Needless to say, after being bounced around customer service and sales, they told me that they can't fix it. The promotional pricing is over and there is no way they can revert the changes they forced without telling me. I cancelled everything and went back to just having internet service. Won't make a mistake with them again.

Everything about cablevision sucks, starting with the service .. tt takes 5 seconds to change a channel, internet drops out, etc. Their plans, installers and customer service are even worse. Stay away!

Oleg (1/9/12)

What's your story?


Absolutely terrible connection, past 2 months dealing with Cablevision has been terrible, I didn't get to see the ball drop for New Years due to cablevision having problems in my neighborhood, 3 days later still nothing fixed. Cant even watch tv without seeing a black screen every 10 seconds, most likely switching to fios, cablevision sucks.

BXF (1/4/12)

What's your story?

My box was freezing so I got a new one from the main office. It didn't work either so I called and after several failed attempts to fix it I had to set up an appointment. I told them I would be home by 4 so they said they would let the rep know. He came at 3:01 and never returned. I was upset but figured it was a 3 to 5 window so my fault.

So this time I set up a 5 to 7 appointment for after I returned from Christmas vacation. I sat and waited and no one showed up. So I called and they told me that I called and said I fixed it and canceled the appointment. I was traveling at the time they claim I called and canceled. How is it even possible? So now I have to wait until Monday if they even show up. But since we are in Montana it's the only cable choice we have or I would just drop it.

Jeramie R (1/4/12)

What's your story?

I originally had Comcast cable, but then had to switch when I moved into "Cablevision territory". Not that Comcast was the best, but you got your money's worth. I did the $99 triple play for a year and now my bill is $188 per month. I haven't had service issues, but what gets me is the On Demand feature. With Comcast if you subscribed to the premium channels, you automatically received the On Demand for those channels for free. Why do we have to pay $4.95 with Cablevision for each premium channel? Also, with Comcast they had pages of free movies, as well as, all of the series seasons and premium channel movies available, plus a large amount of network shows available. With Cablevision, they do not update the On Demand to keep it current with any of the shows, with the exception of the premium series and a handful of network shows that are currently showing.

For example, If I have Showtime and I pay for the OD service, why can't I watch the Dexter previous series' episodes? At least last season's episodes ?!? A newer series like HBO's Treme is not even available OD, but cancelled series like Sex and the City and the Sopranos is available..Mind you it's only season 1, episodes 5-9??? Their "free on demand" menu has NO movies, only a handful of non-premium/basic channel shows. Some of the network channels OD, like WE, Bravo, BET, etc. don't have any of the current shows and for what they do have, they don't update episodes for weeks on end, if ever. Cablevision needs to get with the times and update the On Demand menus and at least attempt to be somewhat competitive with their services. In addition to paying extra money for a feature that should be included with the subscription, they're charging us for something that is incomplete and poorly maintained.

John T (1/1/12)

What's your story?

We had 2 more cable boxes and runs installed in my house. When I placed the order I said that I wanted a Cablevision Tech not a sub contractor. Day of install: Sub Contractor shows up in a mini van with no ID or logo on the car - sent him home, called service center. Next day another sub contractor, still no ID but at least his truck had a label. Called again, threatened to cancel if they didn't send an official tech. Day 3 I'm not home when they come, my Mom lets a guy with some 3rd party ID, a pick up truck covered in rust and a Tech who was barely able to grasp the English language. WOOHOO!

The reason I wanted a Cablevision tech was because they do a better job and you cannot have 3 HD cable boxes let alone 5 on the same line as a cable modem. (The activity light is supposed to blink not be solid.) Well when I walk into one of the rooms I find that the 3rd party tech has taken it upon himself to run a black cable around the baseboard of the room then up the wall. The walls are white. He did not put up wire covers, use the open attic. He did not test the incoming signal strength because he didn't have a meter. Needless to say after I told him to call his supervisor because of his piss poor service and attitude he said he his supervisor had left for the day and then said I he had 3 more jobs to do before he could go home and needed to rush and finish. So after a splitter was mounted to a baseboard and several holes were drilled into walls, ceilings, and baseboards, black wires run on white baseboards and up a wall I called Cablevision and I was told that they were not responsibility to supervise there 3rd party contractors. After the 4th complaint filed they gave me a one time $50 credit and refunded me my installation cost. I cant wait for UVERSE to come.

Cory Z (12/29/11)

What's your story?

Cablevision is awesome! I don't know why you guys complain so much, everyone I know has great service, and they always provide me with EXCELLENT customer service, nice and swiftly. 6/5 stars for Cablevision!

Roger C (12/29/11)

What's your story?

I use Optimum and when I am online, two things happen. First of all, every 30 minutes it will stop connection for around 20 seconds. That is not fun for a person who hosts a server. Second of all, it is slower than pen ink dripping (around 3x slower than molasses). It will take around 30 seconds for a simple page like GOOGLE to load. I could bet that optimum has more than 1000 less servers than Wikipedia.

Mrarroyo M (12/23/11)

What's your story?

3+ months after Optimum acquired Bresnan, I am still having unresolved skips & tiling on a regular basis. Local technicians certify there is NO PROBLEM with my node or wiring and pass the blame up the food chain to engineering. Numerous complaints to their call center, local manager, local technicians and letters to corporate have not been able to resolve the issues. Their BB & telephone service are fine but the TV receptions stinks! Cablevision paid an obscene price for Bresnan & will never be able to (no pun intended) optimize their investment. No wonder the COO bailed out.

Disgusted in Western Colorado (12/23/11)

What's your story?

You know what really truly bothers me? I hate the fact that we pay soooo much mullah for cable television and get more advertisement then actual T.V. (movies etc). If you are as bugged as much as I am, then we should all get together and complain, maybe just maybe we might be able to alleviate some of those ads. After all or demand lower cable millions of dollars not enough? Help save some doe instead of giving it away. The ads should be enough, don’t ya think?

Jan L (12/19/11)

What's your story?

It is a shame these cable companies have monopolized the market. Why Time Warner and Cablevision only service certain areas in NY is beyond me. When i lived in the city i had no problems with Time Warner. I found out Time Warner can only service one side of Prospect Park in Brooklyn..

My picture is pixelated and sound is garbled all the time. I always have to unplug my router at least 2x a day. I can't deal with the picture breaking up so much that i just watch dvd's instead and catch up with my shows online. It's ridiculous and expensive to barely get any decent service. They tell you to go to the nearest store but that is because they have not gone themselves. If they went to that hole in the wall on E 45th st. in Brooklyn, they would kill themselves and would never suggest anyone go there in the future. How you only have 1 person working and the line has 38 people?

They keep calling and trying to offer me triple play. I don't want it or need it and I've said this repeatedly. I said take my number off your list. They said it takes 6 months to be completely removed. Yea that makes a lot sense. So it's been over a year what is your malfunction? The representative couldn't answer and said they would put my name on again. You know they are still calling right? I had to put 3 numbers from them on block on my phone.

They need to do an occupy cable company protest next.

Ms Thea (12/17/11)

What's your story?


12/16 - Cablevision COO resigns - details here


Ever since they bought Bresnan and turned it into Optimum, and "upgraded" our speed, doubling it to14-up and 2-down, we've had terribly inconsistent service. Speed tests usually show us at around 10 up / 2 dwn, but actual use is different.

Low-res YouTube videos often take forever to download. Random page loads stall all the time. Streaming video over Roku has gotten randomly glitchy. It's all very frustrating, though I realize our problems are minimal compared to many on this board.

We didn't have any problems with Bresnan's service before Cablevision bought them out.

Ben M (12/13/11)

What's your story?

Hey I read most of your stories and I agree wholeheartedly with you all and I know Cablevision sucks! Right now I have them in Brooklyn NY and honestly their cable box is a pain in the ASS…I recently got them over a year ago because I had to cancel my Vonage phone service and I needed a phone and they offer me the Triple Play Plan… It stalls and freezes up…A technician came to look at the box and he tells me to go to the nearest cablevision store and get another box…He didn’t even try to fix the box.

I had my Issue with DIRECTV and I am currently sueing them. ALL these cable companies are a JOKE! They lie to us about great deals and suddenly BOOM we fall right into their plans only to cheat us every month and they know what is really going on with triple play deals. If we don’t really read the fine print we are DOOM to the Cable Zombie Syndrome.

The good thing that came out of me cancelling DIRECTV is I did some research and came upon these great services…so I am telling you guys that we all have a choice…and I found it and so far enjoying it! Check out these links below and Spread the TRUTH please…we can win against them!!!! We all need UNITY! Good luck

Garth (12/9/11)

What's your story?

I live in Brooklyn, NY. I switched to Cablevision in mid-october of 2011. Got a triple play with free DVR+ for a year - great price. The DVR+ has not worked since day 1.

I've heard that it is an issue with the new samsung HD boxes that they have. Engineers have been "working" on this problem for the past 2 months. No one has been able to provide me with an estimated completion date. I feel like this is not a major concern for cablevision at all. I've had DVR since the advent of TiVo in the late 90s. I upgraded to HDTV, so my old TiVo won't work on my new tv - so i have been without a DVR ever since i switched. A small problem when compared with people in third world countries. A huge problem for a middle class american who used to enjoy watching his favorite television shows whenever he wanted :/

Jason A (12/6/11)

What's your story?


Signed on to cablevision 2 months ago and have yet to be able to use the DVR function that was sold to me. Stock answer is there is an outage.

Implied response has been "your not being charged for the service as it was part of a promo hence no credit due".

We don't know when it will function. We are working on it.

Stay away from DVD Plus. The platform has not been perfected.

Steve D (12/2/11 - update from 11/10)

What's your story?

I can't get online, this sucks... why why?

Monica D (11/24/11)

What's your story?

I'm gonna make this short and sweet. Cablevision sucks!! I had fios at my previous residence and never had a problem. Now my hbo hd channel is just a blank screen. The DVR records whatever the hell it feels like. Thank god I'm moving soon and will be able to go back to Verizon.

Mike K (11/21/11)

What's your story?

Their service is the worst!! I should have never switched from Directv! The guide looks like it was designed in the 50's, the scheduled recordings never have the right program info, the iphone and ipod app doesn't work and the optimum wifi never works on the iphone.

The people that run this company should be in prison!!!!!!

Michael G (11/21/11)

What's your story?

Well there are so many stories of how much Cablevision/IO stinks, I don't know if you guys even covered how old the tech or at least how lackluster it is. They use the same old "Scientific Atlanta" equipment over and over again.

I wouldn't mind the company so much if they have at least updated the technology. The user interface looks so basic and dull. Something as simple as guide navigation, including looking up shows a week or two in advance seems to be a hassle when compared to the boxes of the other cable companies like Directv, Dish, etc which have a more streamlined and elegant user interface. But even if you put the aesthetics aside, the tech is still lackluster since you have to get a replacement box two, three times a year whereas with the aforementioned companies, you only have to change out the equipment once every three or four years. And don't get me statred on their remote controls. You have to change them out every two months because they are made so flimsy.

All that and a hefty $165 dollars a month when your triple deal expires after a year. I find it hard that this company has survived so long and even dominate the market (or at least operate in so many households) in all the five boroughs.

Dave R (11/16/11)

What's your story?

Sooo tired of cablevision. We live in the town of Brookhaven, Fios is not in our area, Cablevision knows this and does not offer the three services for 99.00 for non-new customers as they do in other towns, such as Babylon. Several of my friends who live in the town of Babylon pay the 99 dollars and have for several years even though most of them have lived there and had cablevision for 10 years or more. They just call up Cablevision and set a disconnect date, when they do this Cablevision offers them the 99 dollar deal and they keep the service.

Okay....soooo we pay 159.00 a month for the same crappy service as others pay 99 for. We lose 5 to 20 minutes in the middle of shows where the tv goes blank at least three times a week, at other times the picture is broken pixels dancing across the screens. The WORST is the IRRITATING LOSS OF INTERNET WEEKLY......WHAT THE HECK. Why do I have to waste time every week trying to get my internet working. Not to mention the crap shoot to get someone on the phone. By the internet is presently down again...and has been for the last 3 hours.....thanks verizon and my droid to access the internet. Please Please Fios.....come to the town of Brookhaven.

Linda C (11/15/11)

What's your story?

Cablevision is the only internet provider in my area, so no surprise the company with no competition provides such terrible service. I've experienced all the classics: technician no-shows, overcharges on my bill, hours on hold, etc.

I've lived here three years and have a consistently shaky internet signal. I teach classes online, so this is problematic. About 25% of the time, my modem is stuck cycling. It's a total tease. Just when you think it's going to give in and finally put out that longed-for internet signal, it gets cold feet and the connection light goes out. When I do have internet service, it's extremely variable in speed.

So every now and then, I get angry enough to convince myself I'm going to make Cablevision fix the problem (so naive, I know).

Most recent saga: After 24 hours of no service, I call Cablevision and am presented with an automated message stating that "We have already been notified of service problems in your area and are currently working to restore your service. Thank you for your patience. Goodbye." *Click* So I didn't get to actually speak with someone, but the machine said they're fixing it, so it must be okay (again, naivete).

I called everyday for 9 days, and received the same automated message and hangup. On the 10th day, a real-life representative finally answers. His response to my inquiry: "Ma'am, we have no record of any service problems in your area for the past month. Why didn't you call to report this earlier?" I calmly remind myself that he only answers phones, he does not run the company, he is not the cause of the problem. So I schedule an appointment to have a tech come out three days later when I have a day off work. And wouldn't you know it, hours before the tech shows up, my internet miraculously starts working. So the tech thinks I'm insane. There's nothing he can do, CLEARLY there's nothing wrong. Two days later, the internet goes down again. It's been down for two days. I have an appointment for a tech to come tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

Leah Y (11/10/11)

What's your story?

I signed on to cable one month ago. Bought into the system because they now have BBCA. Have been a uverse customer from the beta days. As I upgraded my TV's and HD became a desire, their offer of all services for a set price at considerable savings looked good.

BIG BAD Mistake.

To date, I have not had any DVR service what so ever. They have rolled out a platform to compete with Uverse that is useless. Do not let them talk you into this platform. They should not have released it. It is trash!!!!

Steve D (11/10/11)

What's your story?

My story is more about how Cablevision keeps me hooked in with superior internet speeds compared to Verizon DSL. Since Fios is not available in my area, if I want fast internet, I must use Cablevision.

However, their TV offering is week.

No DVR Plus in my area and no date. No ESPN3, HBO Go and no sign of it. Their current DVR software has some glitches as far as recording and viewing. I would jump on Fios if I could and absent that, thinking strongly about Directv with Cablevision internet and would expect my bills to go up somewhat.

Alan R (11/7/11)

What's your story?

I have read all of the foregoing stories and they are absolutely true. If anyone goes to and check under investor relations you will see that in the 1st quarter of 2011, Cablevision lost 8000 customers, 2nd Quarter they lost 23,000 customers and in the 3rd quarter they lost 19,000 customers.

So far for 2011 they have lost 50,000 customers, and they do not intend to improve their service to their customers.

I would strongly advise everyone that has Cablevision in New York to switch to Verizon Fios. If you need help in obtaining the best Verizon Fios Services kindly call 718-483-8601 or 718-757-0587, and you will get a truly professional service.

Those are the numbers I contacted for my Verizon Fios services and I will never go back to Cablevision ever.

Joseph (11/6/11)

What's your story?

Editor's note: Granted, this is nearly a year old. So let's just agree to call it a "classic."

Cablevision is never an option on the website where you get free streaming. What I mean by that - ESPN 3, HBO Go, and many others are supported by every major provider, but I don't get these web bonuses (with Cablevision) - but I pay the huge bill.

Sagalyn (11/4/11)

What's your story?

A few years ago we dropped Cablevision to try out AT&T U-Verse. But the price got higher and higher and this past spring a Cablevision sales rep came around and offered us a very sweet price with a 2 year lock-in to switch back. Cablevision had just rolled out DVR Plus (where they store the recordings on their end and stream them to your box, no DVR box needed in the house and you can watch the recordings on any tv).

First, the tech shows up to do the install and brings HD Boxes, we do not have HD tv's and the HD boxes only give the option to record in HD greatly reducing the amount of recordings we could store. A trip to the local office got them switched out, but we were informed that regular DVR boxes are no longer being given out in CT.

Next started the random reboots, the service would pause about 2 to 3 times a week and cause the cable box to reboot. Calls to tech support repeated ended with "everything seems fine now, please call us as the reboot happens"... hard to do when you have to wait for a person to pick up.

After about 2 months, they must have updated the software on their end because it started working perfectly over the summer. The week the fall seasons kicked off, the system went stupid and stopped seeing shows as "first run" and refused to record them if the DVR+ was set to record only first run. Cablevision informed us that this was a known issue and they were "working on a fix". Well, here we are into November and it is still messed up, I have set up new recordings for most shows to record "all episodes" and that still results in about 3 to 4 shows a week not recording even though they are listed on the upcoming recordings list the day they are set to record.

William K(11/2/11)

What's your story?

Recently I switched over to Verizon FiOs and it has been AMAZING! But today (November 1st, 2011), I come home to find that my HDTV in the living room had the message saying something about please wait and hold the box was turning on again. Then I find... that a Cablevision worker came to my apartment building and touched some wires with THEIR company. But it just must be coincidental that after they come, mess with the wires and leave, that my Verizon box starts disconnecting. I searched online, and the message apparently means that the box can’t get connection. Well, it was fine before Cablevision showed up. Cablevision does more than sucks, it BLOWS.

Carlos R (11/1/11)

What's your story?

My story? OUT-AGE!!!!!!!

What the f.... Is Cablevision doing? No service since Saturday, call centers where nobody pick up the phone, rather a recorded message telling customers that they can find on go on Internet for more information (dumb, I have no service!!!). I have lived in many countries in Europe. This Co is the worst, the most technologically primitive cable provider I have ever seen. And the most expensive, by far...

In 6 years, I haven't seen one improvement in their service.. I has to beg to have a technician to come, and when he saw the modem I had, he laughed at me:"What's the hell are you doing with such an old modem??" Excuse me, I have asked time and time again when calling them to complain about the speed of my Internet connection if my modem was up-to-date. Yes Sir!! He toldme they were all a bunch of lazy people... Just good to get the monthly check.

The worst is that I have no choice. I live in a complex where they are the only provider allowed... Milking the cow, that's what they're barely good at.

Eric R (11/1/11)

What's your story?

There's been a snowstorm here in the Northeast. During the snowstorm my cable tv and Internet went out. Understandable. The next day I called to see if there was a status on storm-related issues and a recorded message tells me that "due to unusually high call volume" they "could not take any calls at this time."

I tried calling back a few times and couldn't get through. So I waited and tried in the morning the following day. After finally getting through but waiting 15 min before speaking to anyone, I got someone who confirmed they couldn't reach my devices, and that the problem was not storm related. They set up an appointment for the same day since I rely on their internet service for work. I waited all day losing a day at work and no one came.

When I called back to find out why, I had to wait 20 min, then got someone who said there WERE storm related issues in my area and that they cancelled my service call as it was related to what they were already working on. This individual could not say when service would be restored. No one called to tell me this so I waited all day for nothing, not working - and I don't know who to believe over there and still have no service whatsoever over 48 hours later. Seems the choices are to wait for it to magically come back on or keep wasting time calling to see if anyone knows what's going on at my expense.

I called Verizon today to schedule FiOS install.

Paul (10/31/11)

What's your story?

So we’ve had a snow storm and lots of people have lost power, and I’m fortunate that I have power and therefore heat so I’m not in as much difficulty as a lot of other people. Cablevision, and therefore my internet, TV and telephone are all out (naturally). If I had lost power I could go to First Energy’s web site and get a fairly good idea about what they’re doing, when they estimate they’ll have power restored, etc., but if you go to Cablevision’s website, it’s as if nothing’s happened. No information what-so-ever. They’re not showing what areas have been affected, what they’re doing about it or when they estimate they’ll have service restored. God, do they suck. Just as an aside, I used to be an ardent Knicks & Rangers fan. I now hate them, just because of the Dolan’s and what a disaster of a cable company they run.

Could they at least, from a public service standpoint, put something on their website that will at provide some clue as to when they think they’ll have things straightened out?

Mike F. (10/31/11)

What's your story?

I recently changed my service over from Direct TV to Cablevision. Not that I was having trouble with Direct TV but I wanted to save money. I was getting a package that included internet, TV and phone. Since then - not one day has gone by without my being able to watch any show without pixalation on all channels and on all my TVs. I have three HDTVs and three of the new Samsung Boxes. Techs have come out at least five times and the last one admitted that it was the new Samsung Boxes that have bugs and that there is nothing that can be done. What to do? They are installing new boxes that they know have problems, damn the customers. One tech told me the the Apple Iphone had problems when it first came out but that Apple finally got it fixed. That I should wait untilCcablevision fixes its problem on the Samsung boxes.

Ray (10/22/11)

What's your story?

I was a loyal customer of Direct TV. However my building was not allowing satellite dishes on the building anymore and Fios is not yet available in my area. I had no choice but to call Cablevision. Now it looks like I had an old bill from 6 years ago that was transferred on to my new account. I know I owe the bill and I want to pay what I owe. I had called up customer service to see if I can pay the usual bill and pay a portion of the old bill because there's no way I can pay $400 on the next bill. Customer service responded that Cablevision does not do payment plans and that I should try to pay the bill or it will continue to be a past due balance. I don't understand why it was not told to me in the beginning when I was requesting new service. I cannot wait to move next year and get Direct TV again.

delgado (10/19/11)

What's your story?

So I subscribed to Cablevision when I moved into the north NJ area because I thought it may have been a viable option. As it turns out, that was a mistake. Installation was fast and everything worked, but the internet began to fail intermittently as soon as the tech left the area. I figured I'd just tolerate it, but then I lost both television and the internet outright about 2 days after install. After two hours of watching my modem reset over and over again, my cable connection eventually came back on, but the internet was dead. Keep in mind that was a Tuesday...

Wednesday morning, I made a call to customer support. After the phone rang 35-40 times, a woman picked up the phone and I politely addressed my internet grievance. She recommended a tech to perform a follow-up on the install and informed me that he would be there between 11AM-2PM. I waited patiently, then, at 230PM I called back to see what the problem was. After the phone rang about 30 times, another woman picked up, and I politely addressed my internet grievance again, adding to it that a tech never showed up. She informed me that she set up another appointment for 5PM at the latest. So... I waited patiently, then, at 530PM I called back to see what the problem was this time... now that I'd been stood up twice. This time, an older gentleman picked up the phone and informed me that NOBODY HAD ENTERED MY APPOINTMENTS INTO ANY DISPATCH SYSTEM, and were pretty much just lying to me over the phone about scheduling anything. Not once, but twice in one day. Then, the man scheduled me officially for an appointment on Friday at 5PM. Goodie.

So Friday rolled along and the tech actually arrived... imagine that. He did his thing fairly quickly and decided what I needed was a signal booster attached to my line because the signal was too weak. It... almost made sense, so I humored him... and he scheduled a new appointment for Monday (Today) between 11AM-2PM.

So now it's Monday. At 230PM, I called the company to ask what was up this time, and a woman answered the phone (after about 40 rings) and put me on hold. Then, after a few minutes, I was allowed to explain yet another missing tech issue, and according to her, the tech had stated he had been here and finished the work. No, he clearly hadn't. So, she notified the tech that I would be needing 'more' assistance and he would be able to arrive 'later'. I think this is the last straw.

In conclusion, crappy service from the start, 5 scheduled appointments with a tech only actually arriving once, 2 weeks of time, and I still don't have internet. It is now about 4PM. I'll give the guy 2 more hours. If nothing, I'm cancelling my account and returning my useless cable box through Cablevision's nearest closed window.

blizzard (10/17/11)

What's your story?

I am a Cablevision customer by default, and not my choice. Unfortunately there are no other providers in the area. I would switch in a heartbeat if I had other options. I am paying $185 for everything, including HBO and I can NOT get HBO Go. Cablevision sucks! Get your game on Cablevision and step up to the plate to please your customers.

Nick I (10/13/11)

What's your story?

I live in a big building in Hoboken,NJ and basic cable and internet from Cablevision are included in my monthly condo fees. I moved in while Verizon was on strike and I decided to give Cablevision a chance. All I wanted was for Cablevision to drop off a box and modem. First the installer never showed up, but claimed he did. That's BS because the doorman would have seen him and told me no Cablevision people were in the building that day.

Then two weeks later the service was set up I found out they had given me the "Triple Play" package for $91 a month. After trying to live with Cablevision service for a month I decided to cancel and go with Verizon.

I really like my Verizon service. The on-screen guide is in color and is easy to read. Cablevision's guide is in black and white and impossible to navigate. ( You have to scroll through the 300 channels you don't have to see the ones you do). With Verizon I don't.

So today I called to cancel my Cablevision service. I sat on hold for 22 minutes. When the service rep answered he put me on hold again and again. The call took almost 45 minutes.

Cablevision Rep: "Why did you order the service in the first place if you didn't want it?"
Me: "I want my service canceled."
Cablevison Rep: "But why did you order the Triple Play if you didn't want it?"
Me: "I want my service canceled."
CableVision Rep: "Ok your service is canceled. Now please hang up the phone."
Me: "No I want to take the survey."
CV Rep: "We don't do that with cancelations. I need you to hang up the phone."
Me: "Okay, I'll hang up after I speak with your supervisior."
CV Rep: "Please hang up the phone."
Me: "Okay". I then put the phone down without hanging up and walked away.
CV Rep: "Hang up the phone! Hang up the phone!!!"

So basically they signed me up for services I didn't want. They never showed up on the install date. They have an impossible tv service to navigate. Their internet service is slow ( verizon flies!) They made it a nuisance to cancel. They suck.

PS I had Direct TV for 20 years and NEVER had any problems with customer service. In fact, they were always throwing me freebies.

John D (10/12/11)

What's your story?

Cablevision can not provide an answer to this question. I am an HBO subscriber and I pay $4.95 for HBO On Demand. Why can't they provide episodes of current programs the day after it airs? Here it is Tuesday after Boardwalk Empire Episode 2 second season aired on Sunday, yet it doesn't appear to be available. The same for "Hung" which also aired Sunday and Bill Maher's program which aired last Friday. And as to the free Entertainment no Breaking Bad episode that aired this past Sunday yet. Yet HBO always announces that their shows will be available on Demand.

What am I paying for? To be frustrated? Or do they expect me to take their painfully bad DVR service??? I am not interested. I am interested in getting my money's worth . . . Unfortunately I can't have Dish Network or Direct TV or FIOS or any other provider because my Co-op is in cahoots with Cablevision and won't permit any other cable provider. . .

Philip V (10/1/11)

What's your story?

Subscribers to the expanded programs are getting ripped off, and that's bad. But those fools just go along like sheep, so why shouldn't Cablevision sheer them? What really ticks me off is that they have done an end run around their licensing agreement to provide a Basic Service program affordable to the poor, elderly and middle classes by now requiring them to rent cable boxes to receive a signal. Many have done as I have and disconnected. However, we will now have no access to news, and will receive no warning of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or flood. We will now potentially die. I'm fighting them but need you to fight with me. Please go to YouTube and type in Cable TV rate hike and watch the short video. Your voice needs to be heard.

This has been done nationwide. Please send this video to all your contacts. If each person sends just one letter or e-mail or makes just one phone call we can stop cablevision's rip-off.

Capt. Ed M (10/1/11)

What's your story?

First off, let me say I have reluctantly been a customer of Cablevision for over 20 years. I have had occasion to call customer service and tech on a number of occasions. Without exception, the experience has been very unsatisfactory. There is a culture within the company that is arrogant, self-righteous. I went to Fios as I felt that twenty years of abuse and lack of appreciation from Cablevision was really too much to take. I disconnected al services on August 3, 2011. One would think that would be the end of it. Not so.

Perhaps most of you reading this will not find this hard to believe, but I was astounded at how Cablevision treated me even as a former customer ! Let's go back a bit....remember I said I disconnected on August 3rd? Good. Well, as you know there is no option to have your equipment picked up by Cablevision No, you must navigate your way to one of the very few Cablevision offices in your area to return your equipment. You had better return that equipment quickly, by the way, or face Cablevisions wrath. I took time from work and returned my equipment to the Ossining NY office on August 8th...five days, not too bad. I asked for final charges but the clerk was unable to compute them. I receive my statement dated August 15th and lo and behold I am billed $318.00 for that I returned seven days earlier.. Staying with me? Good. The August 15th statement is now well over $400.00. I should pay this? No. Nobody in their right mind would pay it, they would wait for the next statement which hopefully would show the credit for equipment return. Let me stop here and note that there are numerous statutes currently active under Consumer Protection Laws in CT and NY that state that, yes you can refuse to pay a bill that is incorrect. Duh.

I wait for my September 15th bill which does show the credit and a final balance of a mere $81. The due date is listed as September 30. Yesterday, September 28, the inexplicable occurred, I receive a collection call from Cablevision !! That's right a COLLECTION CALL on a bill that is not only not overdue, it was issued less than 14 days earlier and isn't., by their demand, even due yet! The surly collector on the other end says that I must pay him immediately. I refuse. Who is this guy anyway? Is this a scam? Must be. I say if an amount is due, I will pay online. The collector thug tells me that is impossible as the account is closed and I cannot access online bill pay. He says, I must, once again, navigate to one of those very few Cablevision offices and pay directly. I say, good luck buddy.

Today, September 30, I in fact access my account online and pay off the balance/ Final insult, I have now been blatantly lied to by Cablevision, such gratitude for 20 years! Furious, I then call Cablevision Customer Service ( such as it is) and ask whether that collection call was from Cablevision. I learn that yes it was !!! Wait, I get an arrogant clown dunning me for $80 on a bill that isn't even due yet!!! I am now totally outraged but I am reaching out, trying to understand why any company would condone such a suicidal policy, when it comes to customer relations. I am told that it is Cablevision policy that, if a customer who requests disconnection is "not heard from" within 30 days of disconnect then that customer, is they have a balance is "sent to collection by the computer." Yes, this is a direct quote.

OK, now where is my logic faulty? I voluntarily disconnect Aug 3rd. I return equipment August 8th IN PERSON. I ask for a final bill at that time but the Cablevision rep finds that impossible to accomplish. Isn't that "hearing from me"? I then learn from Customer Service that they did receive my equipment on August 8 but they did not credit my account till AUGUST 18th. It took Cablevision 10 days to give me credit for returned equipment yet they dun me for payment of a final balance that is not even due yet? That astounding inability to credit my account at least the day after receiving the equipment return actually caused the issuance of a second statement in September showing the correct balance due. If they had issued the credit on the 8th or 9th of August, it should/would have shown up on my August 15th statement and this all would have been resolved on August 30th.

I asked the Customer Service rep why this did not occur. She replied that billing is ALWAYS ten days behind and that is why the credit was not issued promptly on August 15th. OK, in a day when a credit card charge shows up on your account within nanoseconds after a purchase, it takes Cablevision 10 days to post an equipment credit.

Any company who values their customer base would certainly be more responsive that that. So. I ask your readers who have stayed with me.....with Hulu, NetFlix and new emerging online broadcast sources out there, why would anyone be a customer of Cablevision?

George B (9/30/11)

What's your story?

I live in Northern New Jersey near NYC and I have been a cablevision subscriber ever since I moved about 8 months ago. Previously we had Fios and had never had a problem with our service. With cablevision we have constant outages, are never able to get through to customer support (funny story actually, found your website while looking for some address to write to them.)

Everytime we order any pay-per-view or on demand programming it takes over 5 minutes for the black screen to go away and then the show finally starts. I have actually been told by customer support that it is because I order an HD program and they say I should just order SD programming. I did not buy an HD TV and I don't pay extra for HD service for no reason. They are rude and have never solved a single problem of mine concerning their equipment or programming. They disgust me and the second another option is available in my neighborhood I am switching and telling all my neighbors to do the same.

David H (9/27/11)

What's your story?

I have a small business, and wanted to switch over to Cablevision after hurricane Irean. I have 4 numbers. OK, I placed the order with the service rep, signed papers to have the number " Ported " over. - Week Later, Guess what ???

I get a call from Cablevision, they tried to explain that Cablevision, bought the old Hauppauge, Brookhave Cable system, some years back, and the existing " Head End " equipment is out dated. They were unable to PORT or offer the services that I signed up for. It seems thatThe Bethpage System, can't talk to Hauppauge, this problem, or what cable claims is not a problem, but a programming issue. That phone numbers can't be Ported Over, they have to assign all new numbers, why would I do that !!

Also, to find out the Bandwith issues with Cablevision, that having Internet service will effect phone service, because the bandwith is not there to support both. I would loose calls, or Dropped Calls, due to the lack of Bandwith for the Modem to operate correctly.

I then called Verizon / FIOS, guess what. They can Port Over any Number, No Problem. They have Fast internet service 25/25 KBPS, up & Down, with no Effect to phone service. The FIOS system is 21 Century cutting edge equipment, like cable working on COAX Wire, and limited bandwith, and outdate Head End Equipment.

I am so happy to switch Over from Cablevision to FIOS, what a diffrence. I had cable for 21+ Years, and VONAGE for VOIP. The Lack of Bandwith with the Cable modem, made Vonage have problems. They Tech. Support checked & tested and Verified that the Bandwith was NOT THERE to support VOIP, properly. I had From Cablevision 3 Modems, 1 for Phone service, 1 for Internet ( my Office ) 1 for Internet ( House ) - Why 3 - Because Cable was unable to get everything to work with 1 Modem, so they said I needed 3.

The End.

Tom T (9/26/11)

What's your story?

HAD Cablevision for 12 years and while we always had problems…we never had another choice. Fios wired the building so we gave them a try and it all seemed fine for about 6 months. But my wife really missed News 12 and NY1 (and I didn't like memorizing new channel numbers)….and after hearing from Cablevision, that they have "new" Samsung boxes and everything is better we went back to Cablevision.

The techie sucked, the boxes didn't work well, learned later that many people are having problems with the new boxes. They sent another techie out to give me the old boxes since they could at least record and playback and the Football season was starting.

And those boxes too have issues…like right now I want to watch a recorded show and it simply is not showing up as recorded. It was recorded though and showed as recorded earlier today but now can't find it.

I guess both Fios and Cablevision have their issues….but Cablevision is clearly yesterdays technology! They treat people like crap and it takes forever to get someone on the line. Their equipment is clearly inferior, their technicians are horrible while at least Fios has well trained technicians…it seems.

GOING BACK TO FIOS immediately and the Verizon truck can't get here soon enough. Cablevision has some balls charging what they do for antiquated equipment and simply rotten service. My prediction is that it won't be in business as "it is" in 3-5 years.

Mitch W (9/26/11)

What's your story?

Flawless service for more than 6 years. Then internet started to cut out between the hours of 10A and 5P, maybe three days a week but never on weekends.Called support line and reset everything, changed splitters, cables and even a DVR box (i have three). I was told it was my apartment cabling. Really? My cabling goes on the fritz, takes a break literally, between 10A and 5P on random days. Had techs come out and their view is that it is an inside wiring issue - again, a wire issue when there is a very predictable timeframe when it happens. I guess coax cable needs a break too, coffee, maybe espresso and a smoke before resuming their work ... I think they are doing network work/upgrades/changes during the day when residential Internet use is at a lowest point and not telling customers that or their outsourced tech centers (sounds like Asia). In any case, at $250/month and triple play plus a boost extra $ for added Inet speed Cablevision doesn't think that my account matters much.

Bottom line is that as soon as I transfer some DVR recordings my son loves to DVD I will go to FiOS - rather pay them less for a couple of years until they also start (maybe they wont but i will not hold my breath on that...) to screw things up.

Alvarez F (9/14/11)

What's your story?

I live in WY, had Bresnan for a while but not really happy with the speed, move and got on a different provider, then finally sold my house in the state I moved from and purchased a house. Signed up with Bresnan to get internet and cable TV combined and get the 18 meg connection. The connection is terrible. Bresans kept telling me that they’d check it out. It worked just fine at 6:00AM making posted speeds but at 6:00PM I was getting 3 to 4 meg and it would more or less stay that way until about 11:00PM. Bresnan insists there is nothing wrong, it’s out of their control etc and the supervisor was rude to boot. Next week I’m changing to a different ISP.

Chris H (9/13/11)

What's your story?

At least once or twice a month, they have these "service outages" at which point you cannot get onto the internet at all. Tonight my neightborhood had the second one in less than 10 days. Enough is enough. INCOMPETENT is too nice of a word to describe the company from hell. I'm going to FIOS. My sister lives a mere 2 towns away with her husband. They have been FIOS subscribers for over 2 years now, and have never had a technical difficulty. Yet Cablevision's service WILL go down at least once or twice a month. FACT.

Lorna T (9/13/11)

What's your story?

After having Cablevision 3 years ago I vowed never to go back, but FIOS was getting to expensive and the optimum guy finally sold me on all the "NEW" equipment they upgrade to. Let me just say I am a very tech savvy person and usually don't get taken on things, however in this case i did, I was also blatantly lied to.

Cablevision/Optimum sent their sales guy around and he had a good pitch this time, about how they were about retention and how they have put all of their efforts back into the company with feedback from why they are losing to FIOS. Well the only thing that changed was their pitch, the short of it is its the same old pieced together company.

In short I was told I only need 1 box for my home, that I would have higher speed than FIOS, and the same items for about 90.00 a month less. The story is longer but that covers the basic. To start with as usual the guy shows up at the tail end of the 8AM to 11AM window around 10:45. The install was fairly quick and he said we were good to go. The Internet and the Phone worked so I figured it was good to go as I work from home I had what I needed for now. Well withing the first few hours I kept dropping of the network and had to continue to log back into my VPN network. So I began to investigate, first off the guy reused the FIOS power cables for the set top boxes, then they did a poor job on the wiring they just hacked it together.

It was at the point where my phone started to click off, frustrate I called their customer support and they said they could not have someone out there till tomorrow afternoon. So I said ok, then at night I went into my bedroom to see that there was no hook up, and the TV box for my living room was the exact same one from 3 years ago, that slow slow slow box. Also the sales guy said they would install an additional line and a set box would not be needed to share the connection. That did not happen either.

The next day a manager came to the door unannounced to follow up on the install, he had an optimum truck but he was unaware of the afternoon appointment and only checking up on the install from what his guy did the previous day. Now I let this person in my home wondering if Im getting scammed, so he checks out the job and said it was bad, so he starts rewiring everything. Still I kept one eye on him, but he turned out to be legit and actually quite helpful. He fixed everything and was good to go.

Well later that day I did a speed test and it was about 12 megs, I let it go for a bit as I was just happy to have it working. A few days later I checked my order form and I signed up for the higher speed 50 megs, so I called and they said it was not on the account. So they changed it and still same problem. Well I again called support and had another guy come out, this guy tells me that the modem is an older one and known not to work right, he also said the wire less router is just something that they buy to compete against FIOS and it was up to me to fix the wireless portion. On FIOS i could go in my basement in the kitchen and have full access. With this thing I could get maybe 12 feet away, my cell phones would always lose access too from the wifi (another story).

So the 3rd tech orders me a new modem and also checks the outside connection to the street, he also tells me this was not done correctly. So new modem and street hook up fixed, yes speed test 50 megs. Great, well that only ends up at night, again I work from home so I see it all. The VPN drops me off 8 to 10 times a day from loosing signal strength, and Im hard wired on it so its not the wireless issue.

On to the TV, the one tech hooked up the 2nd box for me when I was away and my wife was home, so I come come to my big flat screen with the boxes behind the wall. so the box is hooked up to the tv but all my remote IR stuff is not plugged in, its just hanging there. So I can not change any of my tvs, 1 month it took me to get a cablevision IR repeater and today I hook it up it works for a second then just starts up channels and doesn't stop. I tried everything 2 remotes, hard reset ect ect ect. Ive had it with them. I have programed remotes that I use IR repeaters for and their boxes do not accept them. I mean it was like they hid the fact that the remote wasn't going to work and left.

I'm going back to FIOS, I never write these types of things but I felt I was a very tech savvy consumer and I feel I got taken, and its been nothing but a hassle. My final straw was my bill, could go into detail on that one but FIOS was no better at it, but when I called to tell them my activation for porting my phone number was waived the person on the phone was rude and said we dont credit that type of fee. I said I have my order form here the pink sheet with my reps info on it, and after some arguing she agreed to do it as a one time courtesy but was very snippy and down right rude.

If you made it this far in reading this, I know you only get to read the bad reviews and my situation may or may not be the norm but the service is in no way shape or form any comparison to FIOS. Not matter what they tell you its a hack job from start to finish. Also take notice they are door to door salesman that change every 6 months, im sure there is a good reason for that. Im so upset with myself for giving them a shot, its been nothing but a nightmare from day one. Well at least in the end my FIOS bill will be cheaper, had FIOS just given me the offer they give every new customer I would never have been in this situation. Its not all great with FIOS though no joke the install took 3 days the first time and the guy fell asleep in my drive way with the radio on and I had to jump his van, you cant make this stuff up....I wish I had a video camera for it.

Erik R (9/8/11)

What's your story?

We have avoided Cablevision for as long as possible. We used broadcast TV before the digital changeover and we still use it now. We have an antenna on our roof and we get plenty of stations. We live in Long Island, NY so we are able to get New York, Long Island and New Jersey stations. When things are just right we can sometimes get WHYY in Philadelphia.

Cablevision has done a great job of convincing everyone that their TVs would be obsolete without cable. Our neighbors are surprised when they find out we have no cable TV. "How do you watch TV?" "We have an antenna." "You can do that? I thought that after the broadcasts went digital that you had to get cable?" "Nope, that's what Cablevision wants you to think."

If you live near a metro area try getting an antenna. If you want to try something quick and dirty, try rabbit ears just to see if you can get anything. There is usually a tuner built into the TV. Try Radio Shack when you are ready to spend money on an antenna. Also, the guys selling the antennas are stating that the old ones are not good because they are not digital. This is also not true. We are using our old, pre-digital antenna. It works fine.

Our dilemma now is how to ditch Cablevision for phone and Internet. We are paying $85 per month now that the introductory period has run out. We are looking for alternatives.

G-Wiz (9/6/11)

What's your story?

Yes...Cablevision sucks... my service has been out for 2 days and no one can tell me why..they want to send a tech..but the tech cant fix a cable box that is dead... when they go down...they really go would be amazing if I could ever see TV again.

Cathy N (9/6/11)

What's your story?

Not just Cablevision sucks. When it comes to pricing, Loyal Customers pay more for services than new customers. This is true for FIOS, Cablevision, and DirectTV. The only way to stay ahead of the game is to be willing to switch providers when your promotional deal ends. My gut feeling is that providers do studies that show customers are too lazy to switch and if you have a Provider email address you can lose it when switching.

It is just not fair that New Customers are treated better than Loyal Customers. From Cablevision to FIOS and now back to Cablevision.

rb (9/3/11)

What's your story?

I moved to Wyoming about three years ago and looked into Quest and Bresnan. Decided to go with Bresnan for the faster speeds. It was the best ISP I've ever had. The most downtime I've ever had over the three years was maybe a total of 15 hours, 12 of which have been power outages from winter storms.

Bresnan is now Optimum, and we were pitched the new connection (30mb down / 5 mb up) and thought it was a steal. But ever since the switch, my internet cuts in and out CONSTANTLY. I can't stay connected for more than two hours at a time. This is getting ridiculous. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem.

And as for speeds, the download hasn't changed. I'm getting the same max download I did when I was on Bresnan's 15mb down / 1mb up, 2.2mbs. My upload has increase, though. That's honestly the only good thing I can say about this horrible company. And customer service is just terrible. Their solution for our internet constantly cutting out is to reset out modem. I'm fine using that method maybe once a week, but twelve times a day?

Corey F. (8/27/11)

What's your story?

Last year, after Cablevision started taking away my channels on their family pkg, I called them to complain. I was told I still could get them if I rented their box. I asked them why I am being charged for family when they took at least 16 channels away. Same answer from them, rent a box.

After calling the Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, NY State consumers affairs ,FCC and the NYS attny general I got nowhere. FCC said they only control channel 2 thru 13 on broadcast. So, basically, Cablevision can do what they want.

I got rid of their internet and went to FIOS, which is just as fast. Waiting for Verizon to come into Brookhaven. I got dish and I love it. Now I have to rent 5 boxes just to get basic. Another way greedy Cablevision's way to make more money. Can't wait to be Cablevision-free.



What's your story?

Recently I purchased an e-reader and when attempting to set it up I found out a surprising fact.

I found out that even though the Cablevision commercial says that WiFi is free; they don’t tell you that you can not use it all over the Cablevision area of service.

It is true even though you do subscribe to Cablevision and want to use the WiFi ability you can not unless you live in certain areas of the South Bronx which are what are called “hot spots”. If you don’t then you must buy an additional piece of equipment know as a “router” in order to get the use of the WiFi. And if you go into Manhattan you don’t get any service at all.

When you call and ask Cablevision about this they tell you “well we cannot say everything in the commercial.” But would you not think this is important to let people know. Cablevision does not think so. They believe in keeping information to themselves.

Additionally, if you are like me and don’t speak Spanish and live in the Bronx, New York you have to pay for 37(free) Spanish channels. And to think that Cablevision runs commercials which state that “if you want stations in you native language just pay an additional $ 9.95 more a month” I say why should everyone else pay for their languages when the Hispanics don’t. Also why should I have to pay for the following channels when I don’t need nor want them, since I don’t’ speak Spanish or like sports. There are 37 Spanish, 26 sports (and 20 of them show the same shows)

Is this fair? But Cablevision says we must so that we can pay for the Dolans’ to have their sports teams and Madison Square Garden. I say tell the Dolans to wake up. Especially now that lots of the customers from Cable, Dish and Satellite are leaving since you can now get almost all the program “FREE” on you computer. Someone better wake up or else their will not be any more Cablevision. Now is that a good or a bad thing?

Mary Ann (8/11/11)

What's your story?

I’m a very fortunate person. I have (5) TVs (thanks to better times than these). I have Basic Cable which is all us semi-retirees need and can afford. My bill is $15 per month or $180 per year.

Last year there was all this hoopla about cable going digital and we had to get new TVs because antennae would no longer work. (Great for the TV manufacturers) I was lucky. Mine were all cable ready, and I was assured that no “box” would be needed for Basic Cable.

Now Cablevision says that I have to rent cable boxes from them at $7 each or I can’t get even Basic Cable. (Of course, being the nice guys they are, they’re willing to loan me one for a year and only charge me for the other (4) for now. That raises my cost for Basic Cable (the service the PSC orders them not to mess with because the poor and elderly on fixed incomes use to get news and a little entertainment, although that’s mainly commercials and reruns of reruns) from $180 a year to $780 per year. THAT’S ALMOST A MORTGAGE PAYMENT!

I’ve filed a complaint with the NYS PSC and with AARP. Please lend your voices to this by contacting this regulatory agency and this organization.

I’ve also cut the cable. No more TV in my house. So don’t ask me “What’s new” because I won’t know the News. And don’t expect me to vote, because I won’t know anything about the issues. Hmmm. Maybe that was their intention all along.

Capt. Ed (8/1/2011)

What's your story?

I had Cablevision for over 10 years, their service has been bad year after year. I canceled this week and went with Verizon. Since I'm a contractor, I have to convince a co-op 140 unit to dump them and so far I've reach 80 percent. I have the last laugh, so Fu@& u Cablevision!

BB L. (7/28/2011)

What's your story?

I never liked all-in-1 remotes.

I have 5 separate remotes; one for my Receiver, DVD, TV, VCR and cable box. When I couldn’t get the cable volume to work on the cable box, I called CSR. They insisted on my TV make and model and I repeated told them I just want to adjust the volume on their box with their remote.

Jump 4 weeks later and 2 new remotes at $5 each, I got real nasty with the CSR and asked her why does she need my TV make and model when all I want to do is adjust the volume on your (cable) box? She finally told me what to do, hold the ‘sel’ and ‘cbl’ buttons simultaneously until the ‘IO’ button blinks. Then press the volume button. The ‘IO’ stops blinking and the volume now works using the remote.

I asked her why she and her co-workers couldn’t tell me that 2 months ago and saved me the $10 in remove charges. She said I can mail it at the post office or drive to their store. I said the postage is more than the remove is worth and the store is 20 miles each way, also more in gas then the $5 remote. That’s my problem, she says.

What I want to know is WHY is remote volume control disabled at the factory?

Ted (7/27/2011)

What's your story?

We had service with Bresnan Cable for several years and their service was awesome. Cablevision bought it out and called it optimum. Well let me tell you... there was nothing optimum about it at all.

Our package included Phone, Internet with boost (30 Mbit/s connection) and platinum cable package. Well to start; our phone service is the worst. We can not receive phone calls, if we answer the phone it will be just a dial tone. If we call someone the call will get dropped to a busy signal. If we actually manage to make a phone call and connect with someone you will hear a “your call can not be completed as dialed” message while talking to the other person.

On to the internet service. We pay for boost which is suppose to be about 30 Mbit. Well on average it is about 11 to 14 Mbit, unless you wait till the golden hour of 3:30 am, when no one else on the service is awake to receive 30 Mbit connection once in a while. During the daylight hours it is horrible and drops as low as 700 Kbit. And the best part is that they do not guarantee speeds at any service level, meaning they can give you dial up speeds for your full charge bill.

For the TV service, amazingly the channels we pay for are available 90% of the time, but the picture quality is OK at best. Their HI Def channels are not Hi Def, and the service blinks in and out, freezes and stutters. If you get the DVR service there is a good chance your recordings will be cut short by the excessive ERS tests or for no reason, it will however record shows you did not set up and sometimes will not record what you did set.

All this for a grand total of $212 a month.

Now for the customer support. These issues we have, have been going on now for three months with no repair in sight. They send a tech over once a week to ensure it is not the equipment in our house, which it is not. They claim to see no problem at their end. and the best part is, a senior level customer support tech told us, “ Your service is what it is, deal with it.” His exact words. Our local tech was here to hear that and was just as offended as we were to hear that statement. The tech on the phone went on to say, “ We do not guarantee service.” My thought at that time was, is that we give our money to them for nothing promised in return.

Uncle Freaky (7/26/2011)

What's your story?

I had a tech today tell me that my 2 year old Direct TV RG 6 Quad Shield Coaxial copper cable was the reason I had such poor picture quality with my new cable. He told me that that the copper coax conductor does not work as well as a steel conductor coax cable. Mind you, this was about 12 ft from the actual street tap to the side of my house!

Anyone in the know about cabling should find this very funny because the loss of signal over 12ft on Quad Shield is practically zilch. The beat-up recycled receiver was the problem. I cried when I canceled Direct TV but was being held hostage by Cablevision for my internet and phone (no FIOS availibility). I was forced to take the TV for Triple Play cost cutting. Love the 70s era "pong" graphics on the menus. LOL!

Michael J (7/24/2011)

What's your story?


Filed a complaint with the FCC. Here is a copy of it...

Received: 7/12/2011 12:21:50 PM
Subject: Cablevision blackmailing their customers into paying more for what they had.

Today Cablevision decided to render all VCRS and TV's inoperative. Unless you rent their box for appx. $7.00 a month for (Cablevision Customers)...

They have been broadcasting Quam clear signals and Quam mixed signals. The mixed signals were for special channels which the customer would pay extra for if they opted to select and pay for them, like HBO movies, etc.

High definition TV sets are equipped with Quam receivers and the consumer pays for that feature. Because the signal is now 'mixed' the TV will no longer pick up the Standard broadcast signals like 2, 4, 7 etc. etc., the TV screens now read "NO SIGNAL", so if you purchased a VCR and TV Cablevision is now rendering them inoperative.

Worse, aren't they required to broadcast in case of emergencies, storms, Homeland security issues? I was told to pick up and install an antenna. This business practice is absurd. At their cost that box should be included free of charge, at the Least. I like millions of others are paying them to bring a TV signal into my home...They have no right to 'mix' that signal so my high definition TV and VCR cannot accept them.

There is no reason they couldn't continue to transmit 'clear quam' signals, but obviously they are blackmailing their current customers into renting an addition product from them to grow their revenue.

I believe this is a class action lawsuit in the making, and heavy fines should be levied against them for the practice. Thank You

Markitvalue (7/12/2011)

What's your story?

Phone waitI'm sure you have much worse horror stories, but it took me 3 calls (they hung up on me the first two times), and then 38 minutes to downgrade my service to just internet. 34 of those were on hold.

I had to get snappy with the customer service department because she insisted on trying to change my mind by not understanding how I can possibly survive without TV and a home phone number. As soon as I asked her to stop selling and please just change my service she turned off the sweet customer support persona and became terse, as expected.

Here's a screenshot from my phone with their Westchester call center number and the call duration.


Eoin (7/6/2011)

What's your story?

I have been unemployed for 2 yrs. Last month, I contacted Cablevision to downgrade my service. My last month's bill was $109. Today's bill $124. You pay preimium prices for all 3 services and the idiot I talked to on the phone couldn't explain the change.

Kathy (7/2/2011)

What's your story?

Might have a fix for some folks.

First off, I hate Cablevision, but for comparable FIOS service it'd cost an extra $70 a month, so I try to fix my own problems as much as possible. For instance, didja know that if you move your TV and need a longer cable cord, old coaxial cable won't do? You gotta get "Cat5" cable. But you can actually get "RG6" coaxial cable that's technically BETTER than Cat5.

Anyway, I had a problem with my Cablevision/Optimum HD-DVR box (the UN-Scientific Atlanta one?) when we got a brand new 55-inch Samsung LED LCD HDTV. We hooked up the box (which we'd had for a couple years prior) to the new TV and noticed that, sometimes when you turn the TV and box on, the picture looked jittery and twitchy. I thought it was an individual channel issue, but it lasted across several channels then went away. Later the twitchiness was back, but then went away again after turning the box off for a while or after switching to the DVR menu to watch recorded shows. Then, the jittering seemed permanent one week. I tried a lot of fixes, but only one thing worked. When you press the "Video Source" button on the IO remote, it goes to "Auxiliary Source" and the screen goes black. When you press that button again, it goes back to the regular source, and the jittering is gone. I'm just waiting for the day when I have to get Cablevision to replace the box (it can't be the TV because the TV's settings menues don't shake or twitch), but we went through several boxes to find one that doesn't sound like an airplane engine when the hard drive is spinning up.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone else out there.

Adam T. (6/29/2011)

What's your story?

Rant and rave do nothing about it... Threatening to switch to a competitor will get you nowhere. To you your money is valuable but to the company for every 1 person who leaves there's 3 more waiting to take your spot. Rant and rave to the person who answers the phone trying to help you is another stupid idea too. Either the person who answers the phone can fix it from their end or they can't and if they can't what would you like them to tell you... "sorry have a nice day?" and send you on your way?

Imagine if you were able to purchase your cable box for $150 like someone suggested. Then imagine it broke and stopped working for whatever reason. You'd probably go to the store and complain that it doesn't work and be told to go on your merry way and that since YOU own it it's YOUR problem. Nobody seems to think of these issues from the other side. Yes you may pay $6.95 for a box to get service monthly but if the box stops working its replaced FREE OF CHARGE!!! If you buy a new tv and decide to upgrade then you go to the store and swap it or get a new one shipped to you.

Only 1 person can be the original owner of a cable box. Complaining that you didn't get a "brand new box" makes you sound ignorant. If someone upgrades their tv from standard definition to high definition and they return the box to the store should they throw it in the garbage? No they test to ensure it's working and give it to someone else who needs it.

Television networks have recently gone digital. This requires special equipment so that you can receive the channels. you'll notice that if your not in a fully digital area that you can get most channels but not all. You'll see a black screen on some channels. Did you ever wonder why? Because that channel is fully digital BECAUSE THE NETWORK HAS GOTTEN WITH THE 21st century and in order for your old fashioned 1980 tv to see it you need a cable box. If your going to complain about having to pay for the box please see the above paragraph.

Just because you are a cablevision subscriber doesn't mean you should get tickets to Games for free. To that joker get a life.

Oh, and since this wasn't addressed I'll let you all in on a secret. Regardless of what providor you have if your power goes out your services won't work. If your tv isn't turning on but your box is changing channels it's your television. If you want to hook up a dvd player read the directions that came with the player, don't call your cable rep asking for him to help you set up your surround sound entertainment system. Also they aren't impressed with how big your television is so throwing in "My new 50 inch television Plasma 1080p Sony Television" doesn't give you any better service then the next person.

When you get a remote control from the walk in centers take the 2 minutes it takes to read how to program your remote. In my opinion 90% of the people who have cable service have the iq of a first grader. You really should have to pass a test before your given an account.

If your screen says no signal most likely your on the wrong input/channel of your television. Also make sure your cable box is on. So much time wasted calling into cablevision for simple user related issues.

If you make a change to your account mid cycle (in the middle of your billing cycle) expect that your next months bill will be slightly larger to make up the difference. Cablevision bills a month ahead just like EVERY other television provider. Also depending on where you live your billing due date will be the same each month even if you left and came back 4 years later. It's the location that you live in. Your neighbor has the same due date as you.

Dominick L. (6/27/2011)

What's your story?

After 2 years with Verizon FIOS (great service, but lots of billing issues) I signed up for the new Cablevision Ultimate Triple Play. Cablevision's been begging to get me back for two years, even visiting me in person a couple of times. The Ultimate Triple Play was $79.99 month / 2 years, $20 less than the rate for other new customers.

The installer missed the appointment time by 2 hours, and then set up one of my TVs with the wrong resolution setting. Not a good start. However, he showed me the internet speed (, a reliable independent site), and it came through at a blazing 54mbs!

That night I watched TV, and found the same old TV issues, slow remote, poor channel guide, etc... I even had a couple of HD stations pixillate, but only for a few seconds.

I used the PC about 9:30 pm, and the internet connection seemed very slow. I did another speed check: 8mbs! Whoa!

Same thing the next night, speeds all over the place, 8mbs, 20mbs, 50mbs, 6mbs. Now I know why the 50 mbs speed is "not guaranteed". Cablevision just doesn't have the capacity to consistently support the advertised speed!

So, when I returned my Verizon equipment the next day they handed me a "winback" promotion: $69.95 triple play, 15/5 speed.

I went online and found I could upgrade to 25/25 for another $5 a month, price guaranteed for 2 years, no contract.

So, for about $110/month I'll be getting the Verizon triple play, 25/25 speed, with a DVR box and an HD box, taxes and fees included.

No installation costs, no phone line porting fees.

That's $20 less than I was paying Verizon the past two year!

For anyone who's Verizon contract is up, I would recommend cancelling your service, and tell them you're going to Cablevision. You can then get their "winback" promotions the next day.

My wife thinks it's crazy to switch back after only about a week with Cablevision, but if their "Ultimate" service can't be supported, I see no real reason to stay.

I manage condominium associations in Northwest New Jersey. Cablevision has not repaired a cable box that has been open to the elements for over ONE YEAR. AMAZING. Why don’t they have an email customer service department like JCP&L/First Energy?

Tim M. (6/20/2011)

What's your story?

My father and I just started to watch a soccer game on Fox Soccer HD and the channel just goes out. A couple other channels also did not work even after I rebooted the system. This is at least the third time this has happened. I've had so many other problems also I am about ready to switch to FIOS which looks so much better.

Damon B. (5/30/2011)

What's your story?

Cablevision of NJ (Optimum) FAIL. After 8 technicians came to my home to attempt to fix TV service, I still have ridiculously BAD picture and audio problems. Here's a link to the YouTube video I've posted and intend to publicize so that Cablevision gets the message that I'm none too pleased with their service, repair techs and unwillingness to take the problem seriously.

Ed V. (5/24/2011)

What's your story?

HBO GO is "a free service to subscribers of HBO" unless, of course, your subscription is through Cablevision. HBO GO allows you to play HBO content on iPads, iPhones, Androids and laptops. Except for Cablevision subscribers.

I am sick and tired of the Dolans and Cablevision being the last cable provider for companies to come to an agreement with content providers.

Time to find a new provider...

Tom C. (5/16/2011)

What's your story?

Screw the customers... that is the Mantra.

Last week I inquired about a new cable internet service that was offered called Ultra plus. I asked about it and was told the cost as compared to Ultra, said I wanted it, was sent to someone else who needed my verbal permission.

The guy started getting shifty for some reason. I asked to talk with a supervisor and was sent back into the queue and had to start the same process over again. At this point I was told that I was not eligible for the service, only new customers. By this point I have been on the phone for over an hour and a half, disconnected, lied too, and a variety of other bits of nonsense. Finally the last person who I could talk to was on another call and they would call me back as soon as they were done with that call. I asked if I could get an idea of how long that would be and was told no. The person never called back. That was Friday. Today, I tried calling and was told all supervisors were on other “escalation calls” and someone would call me back... Guess what? No call back...

Kevin C. (5/16/2011)

What's your story?

I used to work for Cablevision in the early 2000's. And I have to say, I have heard SO MANY of these stories before. I too have had MASSIVE ISSUES getting Cablevision to fix problems correctly. I had to threaten to leave and go to FIOS to have people come out and fix the problem. And I STILL have pixelation and Guide freezes on the TV side, although my Internet is working beautifully. So here's the rundown of most issues and HOW to get them fixed.

  • 95% of Cablevision service related issues result at the "TAP" or the place on the pole outside where your line plugs in. This is usually caused by an old fitting that is oxidized and not making a good connection allowing water into the line. Another possibility is a faulty "TAP". If your line has been replaced because of "water damage" make sure they service the "tap".

  • Bad fittings at the "ground block" or "splitter" on the side of you home where the main cable line hooks up to your house. Also it could be a bad ground block or splitter.

  • The main problem Cablevision has is that their lines are exposed to the elements and truthfully are NOT as weatherproof as they could be. Also try to remember that there is SO MUCH line out there feeding neighborhoods that it is bound to have issues that even Cablevision is not aware of. That's NO EXCUSE, but a truthful possibility.

Now for inside your home there are other issues that can and will affect your service.

The less splitters you can have in your home the BETTER! Splitters have a side effect that most customers do not know about, it's called signal loss and it's a real problem, not just for you the customer BUT for the tech that installs your home.

There are TRUE mathematical equations that a service tech must do to in order to determine the best way to set up your home so it gets optimal signals within the home. Splitters can really cause an issue IF you have installed them to split a cable line inside your home. Also cheap radio shack splitters DO CAUSE PROBLEMS! There are frequency ratings on splitters, if you do not get the correctly rated splitters you could have issues on services that run on higher frequencies like the guides, and internet for instance.

So YES there are some REAL legit issues BUT THESE ARE ALL FIXABLE!

Cablevision LOVES to setup trouble calls, many times of which never get fixed the first time out. The key to getting the best possible service with cablevision is this.......


Jay P (5/15/2011)

What's your story?

I love Cablevision.

Taurean (5/11/2011)

What's your story?

I have the same story as 1,000 other people on here, offered a service that I was ASSURED was NOT a promotional rate and then a year later they double the cost and say "Well, you KNEW it was a promotional rate."

I'm now canceling my service because they won't honor the old rate & claim that they have no promotion like that now. (Despite the fact that it's on their website FOR NEW CUSTOMERS. Screw the existing customers). You can't get anyone with any authority to realize that this is stupid, or that the economy is bad and maybe you should help out your CUSTOMERS by not gouging them on a service that you’re still making a profit on at the lower rate. In researching this, however, I discovered that EVERY senior officer at Cablevision is named Dolan. I'm sure that those jobs were given to the most qualified individuals and not just because they were family members who needed 6 figure salaries. I wonder if family members get a "promotional rate"?

Screw the Dolans and Cablevision. If my only choices are getting raped by Cablevision or dial-up, I'll take dial-up.

Chuck Z (4/18/2011)

What's your story?

Last week I purchased a Samsung 32" HDTV. I had to turn in my Scientific Atlanta Cable Box and get an HD box, which turned out to be a Samsung.

I have an analog TV in my bedroom with the Scientific Atlanta Box, which has settings that can be used from the Cable Remote, such as have the TV wake up, a sleep timer, bypass, etc.

However...the new Samsung doesn't have the Byass mode, so I cannot use the settings to have the TV turn on in the a.m or use the sleep timer, because the timers only turn on or off the CABLE BOX.

What happens then, is, well, NOTHING. The cable box will shut off and then the screen on the TV. will still be on, because it is not shutting the TV OFF.

Same happens when it is in Wake Up Mode. It turns the cable box on, but it does NOT turn on the TV I wake up to scrambled TV. NICE.

Even worse, there is no Bypass mode, and that is the reason for this problem. I called a number of times this week and was told various things:

One "tech" (and I use the term LOOSELY) "ASS"ured me that they were aware of the bypass mode and ac outlet modes not appearing on the box settings and are working on this.

OH, I also no longer can watch the History Channel or A&E because, with this great new box..they do not come in. JOY. But I pay for this?

And a box I am renting monthly that doesn't allow me to use the remote settings with it? A big and rousing W T F is UP WITH THAT?

I spent the week calling these so-called techs and NONE of their answers matched the others for the problem. One told me there is no need for the bypass mode on the Samsung Box. Another told me that the channels I'm missing just went out and they will send a tech over. I know this to be BS because I know others who, since getting the Samsung Box, have lots these channels, as well.

Then, another tech told me to bring my Samsung Box to Hauppauge and that I could replace it for the Scientific Atlanta 4250HD box....which would have the bypass mode that I need. I asked if they had it in stock at that office and was told they had PLENTY.

Well, THAT was not the case. I got there, and was given another Samsung. After biting my tongue, I told them that there must be a mistake, I'm exchanging this Samsung Cable box for a Scientific Atlanta 4250HD box.

They said, we don't give those out anymore. I lost it right there. Other people behind me were there for the same reason.

I walked out before any violence could occur.

Called them again and demanded I get my missing channels back or monetary compensation, not only for the loss of channels, but for a box that does not let me do what I need to do.

They said they would "send a tech" out on Monday (April 18). I asked this phone tech, do you think he could give me the other box, the Scientific Atlanta Box? He said, "sure, no problem!"

Yeah, I want to believe it. We'll see.

I then asked this tech how many different HD boxes they use. He replied Samsung and Scientific Atlanta. I then told him my tale of woe, about being told that there would be one at Hauppauge for me and that there wasn't.

I then told him this: I have to be home between 2 and 5 for the cable guy to get here. I said, if he does NOT have in his possession, a Scientific Atlanta box, he is NOT setting foot in my home and I will be cancelling service.

Not that he cares, but it felt good to get it off my chest.

Why can't we own our own cable boxes? Because that would be too easy. We'd purchase one for say, 150. bucks. A one time fee, rather than shelling out 10 bucks a month, lining the pockets of the Dolans.

OH, I also found out that the Samsung box is basically still in "beta" mode, we're all the guinea pigs. Nice. We "test" them while PAYING FOR THEM? NO, I don't think so. A neighbor of mine told me to complain to the Town and also the State. He seems to know a lot about that stuff. I'm going to look into this, whether I get the new box or not. I feel like I'm getting the shaft and it seems like I have lots of company.

Gettin' off my soapbox, now.

Lyme Juice (4/16/2011)

What's your story?

Cablevision service is slow changing channels, slow fixing problems, slow getting back (if they do at all) with customers and what's this with loading "IO" all the damn time. When you call, they always want to send out a technician. Every two months (that's how often I call with some sort of problem....mostly getting premium channels) they want to send a tech out. Always willing to waste my time waiting for a technician who'll give me different reason for why I'm not getting channels.

Please just fix the problems. Also, Cablevision could stop adding channels with bandwidth they can't support and channels no one cares about. I don't know how this company makes any money. I never thought I would wish I had Time Warner (my previous provider). At least, Time-Warner fixed problems. I have no other options. No FIOS service in community and a tree which takes away my Direct TV option (if you want to call that an option). I keep hoping someone else would buy Cablevision and maybe service will improve.


1984 (4/12/2011)

What's your story?

4 hours of no service (Phone, cable TV or Internet access)!

- Lou (4/2/2011)

What's your story?

Long story Cablevision triple play promo ended Aug of 2010 and they wouldn't budge to give me another deal to stay with them. I was barely getting 6 Mbps with their crappy internet service when I was paying for 15 Mbps. I had enough with their lies and horrible products over the years so I cancelled and now have Fios. I couldn't be happier. More channels, Internet is fast (I pay for 15/5 and I always get 15/5.....sometimes it reaches 20/5). I always run speed tests and I haven't been disappointed yet.

Cable recently called me to lure me back with their $69 per month promo. I told them NO and to take me off their list. Why didn't they give me this offer when I was still a their customer? I really enjoy my Verizon Fios tv, Internet and phone service and I have no desire to ever return to Cablevision. By the way, Cablevision Blows.....

- Tom (3/31/2011)

What's your story?

Cablevision - worst company ever. And the Better Business Bureau will be receiving my history of complaints including the 3 defective cable boxes I have had in the past 3 months, INSANE billing claims and charges, and customer service from Hell.

THEY SENT ME A BOX WITH A BROKEN SMART CARD AND CHARGED ME $75 when I returned it to them. Then they give me ANOTHER BROKEN BOX. This company IS THE BIGGEST RACKET EVER. They are doomed to go down!!!

- Allison P (3/21/2011)

What's your story?

I truly loathe this company. They have screwed up my bill beyond repair. The services I pay for don't work properly (internet is shotty at best and cable tv channels are always a risk to not work).

I finally had enough and switched to Fios, Cablevision found out and called me to try and save the account. So they dropped their pants and gave me a $45 discount and said nothing would change, you know, to match the Fios deal. I agree and cancel the Fios. Next day, I notice my entire channel lineup has changed, since they actually had the nerve to tell me nothing would change over the phone, then lower my service to compensate for the discount they offered me! Unreal.

I called them and flipped out on them and they put it back. I wish I had the desire to spend another hour or so on this complaint message since there are so many other dumb things this company has done to me, but I'm tired. Just thinking about them exhausts me. I sometimes randomly call them just to yell, when I'm bored, since I really wish I could fight every member of their company in a cage match.

- JD (3/19/2011)

What's your story?

Cablevision promised me a $180 termination fee with my satelite provider. When I sent them my final bill, which said account closed right on it, they refused to reimburse me saying that I needed to have the final bill show account terminated. A bunch of crap - Cablevision does not live up to its word.

Cablevision also quoted me $67 a month, but charges me more, another battle I am having with them. They say that they are still researching the matter after two months - still no answer. I am filing a small claims court case against them, and better business bureau notification, too.

- Martin R (3/16/2011)

What's your story?

I am not even going to get into the terrible service for internet, phone, and cable that I get from this company. I found this much more amusing:

I am, and have been for quite some time (my father since 1968), a New York Rangers season ticket holder. For those who do not know, the Madison Square Garden, as well as the Rangers, Knicks, Liberty, and much else, are all owned by Cablevision.

My tickets prices for the regular season were $37 each. In the first round of the playoffs (if they even qualify) that price goes up to $68 (83% increase). If they make the 2nd round of the playoffs, the price will be $76/ticket (increase of 105% over regular season). If somehow (it won’t happen) the Rangers make it to the Stanley Cup Finals then I – a longtime season ticket holder – will have to pay… get ready … 327% OF MY REGULAR SEASON PRICE, or $158/ticket.

How is that justifiable? Their rates for cable, internet, and phone are already sky high, and now we see a ridiculous price hike like this.

Goodbye, Cablevision. I am calling DirectTV tonight. I am cancelling every service I have from you, and I am not sending you another dime, regardless if I legitimately owe it or not. Sue me.

- Joe D (3/15/2011)

What's your story?

I've had Cablevision for three weeks and already have had multiple problems with my DVR......a complete joke. F@#! you, Charles Dolan. You suck!!!

- Jason (3/10/2011)

What's your story?

Cablevision is the most dishonest service ever. They have started to throttle my bandwidth since I started using Zune to rent movies... Don't think they do this?? I am a network engineer for 20 years. I know the Firewalls and technology that Cablevision uses. I have collected logs that show my bandwidth with boost (which still sucks) is around 18Mbps. When I rent a movie from zune it starts off fine.. bandwidth doesn't change. But every time...Every time...did I mention every time?...I am 20 minutes into the movie my cable disconnects ..10 ...15 times. And I see that my bandwidth gets cut to Kbps. So when I stop streaming the movie, I take measurements. Bandwidth is completely choked to Kbps.... for at least 30 minutes. Then mysteriously it pops back up.

Cablevision always says...oh it's trouble in the line, sir... not too far from your house but not at your house. Let us know if it isn't fixed in 3 days. They don't want you spending money on PPV anywhere they don't get a cut.

I am very close to having the proof to launch a massive class action suit.

- Anthony C (3/2/2011)

What's your story?

I have had Cablevision for years and thought it was just the norm to deal with bad customer service and crappy service. But then we really had an issue one day. I happened to be home from work and these Cablevision guys come and say it's my modem that's kicking off the entire block and they have to spend all day fixing it. I tell them I have to leave in 2 hours, so if they can finish it in 2 hours then sure. They told me they had to go to lunch, so I said they would have to come back another day.

Needless to say I had 2 managers yell at the tech over the phone saying to force me to stay, etc. So they fixed it in an hour and the tech felt so bad he left an extra ethernet cord for me for the trouble.

We have had so many issues whether it be the modem randomly kicking off or the phone not working or the internet being slow or pixelated pictures on the tv for no reason. When we moved, we continued to have Cablevision and omg was that an issue. They couldn't come for a week and once they did the internet did not work for more than 5 minutes. Needless to say 2 weeks and 4 techs later it was finally fixed. But then it was still being shoddy.

I was always interested in FIOS, but it was never offered where we lived. So I took a look online and saw that it was offered in my new neighborhood and immediately called FIOS and had it installed. I installed it back in November and have NEVER had any issues. It's been great and I have no complaints. I also am not on a contract which is why I was wary before. Because if something better comes along I would like to option to switch without any fees.

Cablevision has since come to my doorstep offering a $200.00 a month products for about $69.00. I told them to suck it.

- Monica A (2/24/2011)

What's your story?


- Laura D(2/20/2011)

What's your story?

This is a terrible cable company for the following reasons:

· Picture is routinely jittery and “noisy”.

· Remote control frequently freezes up while channel surfing.

· Picture is in 1080i and not 1080p resolution.

· Sporadic blackout of certain channels.

· Telephone assistance operators are not tech savvy and are rude.

· Weird message boxes appear on screen after turning on the box, requiring frequent re-boots.

The only reason I continue to subscribe is because Cablevision has a monopoly in my area; no competition. I have a 19-inch HDTV in my kitchen hooked up with an HD antenna and the picture is amazing! Crystal clear with extremely high detail. I’m seriously thinking of dumping Cablevision and hooking up my Sony 46” LED HDTV with a free over-the-air HD antenna!


- Pablo D (2/10/2011)

What's your story?


Are you aware that Cablevision has moved GSN from the family package to a premium sports package? A sports package that your typical GSN viewers would not use. My 80 year old mother who is on a fixed income and cannot afford an additional $8 was told too bad old lady, pay up.

It's just the latest way of CV to gouge the consumer. First by forcing all to rent a set top box for every tv in the house at $7 a month because they went digital. All new TV's have digital tuners but CV scrambles most channels and forces you to rent a box. Now by getting cute by removing family channels from the family line up.

GSN is offered as part of the family package on both DirecTV and Fios.

We are currently gathering everyone we know to complain to Cablevision about this. Many are already looking at alternatives to Cablevision.

- Yo E (2/8/2011)

What's your story?


Cablevison needs to get a Webmaster that has a clue about how to create a user-friendly site. I have attempted on 3 different dates to send a simple email via Contact Us on their website. Each time after clicking Submit button the system fails to send the message and gives a default failure message.

Wow, imagine in this day and age, the company providing our cable, phone and internet service cannot even get a simple user-friendly Contact Us feature to work on their own site. What a sad commentary on business. No wonder people HATE the cable companies. And, these pathetically idiotic morons that run them can't figure out why no one likes their companies or the numb-brained idiots that work in the so called Customer Service Dept.

Back to an antenna on the roof for me. F____ the cable companies...

- Douglas B. (2/6/2011)

What's your story?


I ordered a DVR for a regular TV and they sent me one for an HDTV even though the order was for a regular box. When I asked them to send me a cable to connect the box to the TV they said I would have to pick it up. Cablevision SUCKS!

- CSM (1/25/2011)

What's your story?


I just wanted to start off by saying I have cablevision and I LOVE IT. Look at cablefax, they were awarded #1 Multiple Service Operator (MSO) of 2010. BETTER than fios comcast and time warner. They also have JD power & associates awards on there internet and phone service. Every company has its service problems, but since I've had them, it works fine. Internet is 12 over 2.06 on and the phone is crystal clear. TV's work great and the picture is wonderful.

If you appoached cablevision a different way, I guarantee you wouldn't have any more troubles. I had them come out to replace my drop line and they did it with no questions asked or any problems and this helped out with my internet durring peak hours. You're not going to post this because this site is all negative. So in my eyes SUCKS!

- Selfe T. (1/22/2011)

What's your story?

Cablevision SUCKS!! Prices too high and they keep increasing. I hate the cable box, it’s an eye soar and I have to move my speaker each time I want to change the channel depending on where I’m sitting in my living room. I get a message that says Component no information & that can’t even resolve that problem. They sent out a guy to give me a new box and it didn’t do a thing. I wish there was another alternative with the internet and I would leave cablevision in a heart beat. A co-worker of mine, she just cancelled cablevision.

- Lisa H. (1/21/2011)

What's your story?

Hey guys,

I put together this email and tracked down the various email addresses for Cablevision's executive leadership, as well as the phone # for executive/corporate support. Not sure which ones made it through, but none get bounced back.

Basically, instead of encouraging retention of their customers with quality service and competitive pricing Cablevision is instead churning through huge numbers of customers with $69 teaser rates and free iPod Touches, until they flee to Verizon FiOS and gouging those who are stuck in one of Cablevision's regional monopolies. I spoke to Xxx Xxxxxxxxx of Executive Support and he offered no defense for this observation. My only alternatives were being price gouged or take my business elsewhere. I chose the latter.

- Anonymous (1/14/2011)

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 11:58 AM
Subject: Extremely Dissatisfied with Cablevision Service
To: -- Email Addresses Not Published by (but it looked to be an impressive and comprehensive list of Cablevision top brass) --

I'm writing to relate my complete disgust with Cablevision in terms of pricing, quality and level of service. I have been a paying customer since July of 2007 and every year without fail my bill has increased, sometimes dramatically so, from the $99 Triple Play Promotion for basic cable TV, voice and internet, increasing 60% to roughly $160. That is, until I called to renegotiate a lower rate of just a 20% increase to about $120. Despite my best efforts the pricing has climbed up nearly 40% (many times the rate of inflation) to the now wholly unreasonable price of $136 for the barest of level of service. This is all while seeing new customers recruited for rates as low as $69 for a comparable level of service.

To me, this is deeply unconscionable; to subject paying longtime customers to onerous prices while trying to lure in more customers with ephemeral teaser rates. Rather than retain paying customers through goodwill and quality service, instead, I as a paying customer am subjected to endless churning and turnover since most customers, rightly so, abandon Cablevision's fundamentally broken business model.

Each and every year it becomes an exasperating chore to renegotiate the terms of my service with tone-deaf customer service reps who unironically suggest I give up what few perks I have been able to wrest from Cablevision over the years at nomimal cost including one extra cable box and a DVR which costs pennies to manufacture and nothing maintain. Even when I am able to secure a locked in rate, supposedly, $131, barely three months later the bill goes up to $136 and will likely hit $170-180 once my current promotion ends.

Most customers, fortunately, have access to alternatives. I, however, must deal with anticompetitive practices and regional fiefdoms simply to access the internet as I have no other providers available in my area save DirectTV, which I do not have the correct exposure on my home.

I could maybe deal with all the grievances above if I were getting some semblance of quality service for which I paid exorbitantly. First, the video quality I experience has constantly degraded since I became a customer. It is now a regular occurrence for even standard-def channels to pixelate and audio to garble, let alone the hi-def channels.

My bandwidth has slowly eroded to as low as 2 mbps during peak hours though I ostensibly pay for 15 mbps. And if that wasn't bad enough I need to constantly worry about the channels I've paid for being blocked out due to contract disputes between Cablevision and other networks. Not even a credit for the loss of service. To preempt the standard finger-pointing response of "We could not come to an agreement with HGTV or Fox or whomever, because they were asking for too much money," please understand that I don't care who was arguing in good faith or not. I expect a high level of service and the channels I paid for. If Cablevision can not keep its expenditures inline with a reasonable cost to its customers then perhaps Cablevision should not be in business.

For all these reasons and more I've decided to cut my losses and sever my agreement with Cablevision even though I have no viable underground broadband alternatives in my area. I'll simply have to go wireless with Verizon Mi-Fi or Sprint 4G or some such option, simply because Cablevision is that terrible in terms of pricing, service and reliability. I welcome your reply, but I don't expect it.

What's your story?

I have been a customer for 4 years. During certain time periods the screen crystalizes and freezes. I was so excited to watch V last night and the screen froze so bad the show was unwatchable. Somehow my bill is $140 for Internet, family cable and HBO.

I am moving soon and getting Fios. It is not available. This is useless.

- Natalie M (1/5/2011)

What's your story?

Cablevision does suck. They don't own up to anyone at all. They show no responsibility to their customers. Over this past holiday the sound has dwindled down to nothing. Why is this? I tried calling, but they don't pick up. I sent email about the increase in my bill this month. No response! I am waiting for Verizon to come through the street where I live and I am then done with Cablevision.

- Patricia M (12/30/2010)

What's your story?

3 problems, 3 customers, IN SHORT:

myself: (Optimum Online only customer): was trying to use Cablevision to host my website. the setup links on their website do not work. tech support tells me to call this outside company. Once all figured out 1 week later, the service was horrible. Not user friendly at all. And they wanted me to transfer my domain name to them. I cancelled the "Boost" service.

My mother (was Triple Play customer): I just got her to switch to DirecTV. She returned the cable tv box and specifically told them, two times, that she was cancelling TV only. She instructed them to not touch the phone or Internet service. Later that day...No dial tone. They cancelled her phone service and she almost lost her telephone number of 20 years. They then said it was their mistake. She then switched to Vonage for phone. ONE MONTH LATER, her Cablevision bill arrives for Internet only at $99.95. That's insane. The price for Online only is $50. They said it was their mistake.

Mother in law (was Triple Play customer): End of October, Cablevsion tells them they need boxes on all tvs immediately. They said they will not be charged. They come in and install 4 additional boxes. (All refurbished pieces of garbage). Two weeks later they don't work. They come back and install some more refurbished garbage. They also get charged for all boxes. I just got them to switch to DirecTV.

- Jessica R (12/24/2010)

What's your story?

Incompetence Reigns at Moronvision

Ten days and 3 visits from cablevision morons and STILL no service. Lost TV service on Friday night. Cablevision sent a "bullet" and it worked for an hour. Another call on Saturday and tech scheduled to come out Tuesday between 8-11 am. Called 2 times to confirm. Stay home from work all morning. NO SHOW AND NO CALLS until I finally left at 11:15. Apparently the tech got lost and didn't "think" to call for directions!!!!!!

Spent 8 hours on and off the phone speaking with 3 different managers. They wanted me to take another day off work on Thursday. After 8 hours of fighting and getting none of my promised return phone calls, they agree to come Wednesday night 5-8 pm. Tech comes and is there for less than 10 minutes. "fixed" I'm told. An hour later and it isn't working again. More calls and ANOTHER appointment is set for Saturday. Same tech same line. All fixed I'm told after he is there for less than 10 minutes. Guess what? After an hour it's not working AGAIN!

More calls and another appointment is set up for Sunday. Confirmed twice Sunday morning through Cablevision. Get a call at 2 stating they are not coming b/c those techs do not work on Sunday. Wouldn't that be something I should have been told on my 2 earlier calls to confirm this appointment? Now they want me to take off again on Monday for a 8-8pm appointment range? Are they outta their minds!

- Heather P (12/19/2010)

What's your story?

Over 48 hrs without Internet and phone. Tech says is a systemwide issue. New customer just became new disgruntled customer and tomorrow may become pat customer.

- Mark (12/10/2010)

What's your story?

Cablevision too expensive! RATES TOO HIGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Lucy (12/10/2010)

What's your story?

Cablevision has informed its customers that it will NOT be crediting its customers for the loss of FOX for several weeks. According to Cablevision, they did not take FOX away, Fox did.

Funny thing though, they still want to be paid for their ‘package’, a significant part of which was FOX.

Essentially Cablevision wants to be paid for a service it did not provide for 3 weeks.

I wish I had a list of aggrieved customers, I would consider a class action against them.

disgruntled customer and lawyer.

- Lawrence R. (11/14/2010)

What's your story?

Cablevision was supposed to install an additional box between 11am and 2pm they came they never called my cell phone which was instructed but instead the called my husband and he can’t answer because he is at work. So they were “banging” on my door and “rang my bell” which was a lie because ive been home all day waiting. When I called up seeing what was going on I get a NASTY rep and supervisor telling me that I wasn’t home. So now he will be here before 8pm, screwing me out of a day’s pay and school. I hate Cablevision they are ALWAYS pulling shenanigans like this.

- Erica C. (11/9/2010)

What's your story?


Watching Monday Night Football, signal starts dropping like flickering a lot. It gets annoying especially in middle of a great play, also internet modem tends to randomly reboot...

- Manuel G. (11/1/2010)

What's your story?


Brief and to the point:

Cablevision's Broadband Speeds are GARBAGE!!!

Every day, no matter if it's daytime or nighttime, the same slow internet speeds! This test was done with Downloading at 0.06 Mb/s and Uploading at 0.22 Mb/s on October 19, 2010 at 1:49am Eastern Daylight Savings Time (NJ).

- Drax Q. (10/29/2010)

Cablevision Speed Test

What's your story?



I recently started a service with Cablevision. So I called in to set up an appointment. To begin with, the technician didn't show up on time. He told me that he comes in 5 minutes. An hour later, he shows up, with grumpy attitude, he set up the service and demonstrates how it works.

After he left, I tried to move the modem to another outlet only to discover he just connected 1 outlet, and rest 3 unconnected. I called in to complain, but they said that was what the work order was. According to the installation department representative, "it is customer's responsibility to control which outlet you use." So, it means that I need to get a splitter, and connect to the rest of the outlet on my own. I mean, I can do that, but it's really silly how they do minimum work and cares very little about customer satisfaction.

To end the conversation, I told the customer service guy that I'm very disappointed and he says have a good day. I really regret I called in. I should have just fixed the issue on my own. I thought Verizon had
the worst customer service, but CableVision is worse.

- Hitonori N. (10/7/2010)

What's your story?


I have received a mailing from Cablevision this week, warning of the fact that they are dropping the analog signal, forcing everyone to now have a cable box for every T.V. In this day and age with everyone
trying to go green they are not. Consider the fact that each cable box on or off consumes approx 30 watts, and you probably have at least 4 TV’s per household making the consumption 30 x 4 = 120 watts x 24 hours = 2880 watts per day divided by 1000 KWH = 2.88 kwh per day at .18 cents per kwh charged by your utility = .5184 cents a day works out to be $ 15.55 per month on your electric bill or 186.60 per year. Keep in mind this is for every subscriber. Not to mention the additional carbon pollution needed to generate all this extra power.

- Alan B. (10/4/2010)

What's your story?

So here I am in line at the Cablevision store and they have this fellow there talking to people in line. Now keep in mind for months last year we heard (paraphrasing) “Don’t worry about the switch to digital … we’ll take care of it on our end…” Wel l- if you have any extra TV’s that received a signal one week ago without a digital box (and just get “basic” cable), now they are forcing you to rent another box.

This guy’s telling everybody the reason we have to pay more for an extra digital box is because Cablevision has to be “competitive” with other companies like Verizon or Direct TV. So let me get this straight, to be competitive they need to charge us more? I think it is just another example of a large company “sticking it” to the little guy. When will it end…
Long Island, NY

- Scott (9/25/2010)

What's your story?

New service installed... internet signal is weak from the moment the installer put it in. He tries to pass it off as being normal. New modem installed, same thing. He says its because its a new install and after 20 minutes it will pick up; they need to do some coding at the station for new installations.

Well, here I am nine months later with the same issues. Cablevision threatens that they will charge me to come out as its not an issue on their end.

Internet signal changes by the second. I can't even watch a single youtube video without it freezing up several times while playing.

I really wish Tenafly NJ offered more internet options.

I am appalled by the terrible service of Cablevision. I pray that Verizon FIOS will be here soon. Wishful thinking...

- Joe (9/24/2010)

What's your story?




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